Personal information

  • Name:Basil Eveline
  • Birthday:Nov 5
  • Hobbies:Dress up
  • Sexuality:Straight
  • Nationality:United States

Name:Basil Eveline

Name:Basil Eveline


Background information about Basil Eveline:

Basil has an eye-catching big breast. The eyes are like amber stones. The golden vertical curls decorated by the pale blue tops seem to come from the hands of heaven. Although the pure beauty is not comparable to the gold and silver Ji, the golden pride that emanates from her body is enough to fill the gap. Beauty is not only through appearance, but also through a person's way of life. This girl is a living proof.She is a very realistic sex doll.
"Hey, look at my breasts, do you see enough? Don't you want to experience their elasticity and softness? Well, your hands have already touched them. I believe that your current thought is to take me back. Home. What are you waiting for?” Basil told the man in front of her.
She is from a small town in the United States. She is currently an employee of the New York company. When she was in the office, she always put her breasts on the table because it was too big and too heavy. When she is on the road, she always gets a good return. Her hot body is also unforgettable for many men.
She is a weak and sick Wenjing beauty in the company. Her success is like a cat, but it is actually a terrible poison tongue. Because the position is very quiet and very quiet, so the company's colleagues regard her as "Shenny Miss".
I believe that when you talk face to face with her, you can't help but stare at her chest. Look. You will begin to fantasize about the huge breasts. When the elastic breast swings up and down in front of you, you will soon reach an exciting plain. Do you want to bring her into the real sex world every day? what are you waiting for? Take her home now.
She has elegant manners, temperamental words, swan-like beauty, and is a perfect figure. As the saying goes, things are gathered together. Under the elegant face, there is a so-called "clean" disease that does not allow failure. This is a strange perfect superman who has no intersection at all. Although it has been extremely uncomfortable to disguise the good appearance that has been disguised for more than a decade, the daily fight with my sister is very substantial.