How to unbox and set up adult sex dolls?

Alan Ted
Apr 8, 2019 16:44

The sex doll and accessories of the urdolls store will be shipped to the customer in a hard box. When you receive a sex doll. You need to keep the box flat and lay it flat on the floor. Check the contents, carefully remove the packaging material to avoid damaging any nails or fingers, and be sure not to leave anything behind when removing all protective materials. Once you remove the box's doll, keep it on a soft surface like a bed or sofa to avoid any body parts shrinking. You need the doll's head to be linked to the body by screws. Because the doll's head and body are separated during transportation. The aim is to better protect the doll.

Alan Ted
Aug 01, 2019 16:23

Every company carefully wraps the product before it is shipped - it's more than just a box, it wraps all parts of the doll's body with cellophane - you can find it in the comments. If you want to make your delivery as reliable as possible, order a very powerful box (at an additional cost).