Picture About 170CM Sexy Japanese Big Breast TPE Sex Doll Miwako

Sexy Japanese Big Breast TPE Sex Doll Miwako

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Miwako is a 170CM Sexy Japanese Big Breast TPE Sex Doll. It's so much more capable than any of the adults around it that when they all turn to her for leadership, it says a lot. Struggling to overcome every roar and decomposition obstacle that hindered her progress, never, never, never give up fighting for survival. Compared to the ice bucket challenge, the ice cream challenge may give you less chill, rather than hearing her say, "still. Bitten." It's not that the fearless automaton exists in human emotions and Outside the realm of struggle. In the first season, she immediately became powerless, and although she did contribute to the team, she still relied heavily on defending herself and making some emotional decisions that threatened her survival. But this just made her more inspiring, showing that she grew into a strong and capable Sex Doll in the second season. Whatever trials or difficulties she faces, she struggles in pain and never wavers. Man, I want to be like her when I grow up.
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