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The MISSDOLL has a new new type of all-metal skeleton.

MISSDOLL has 11 skin tones, including white, natural, wheat and black. The bones and joints of the Bezlya simulation dolls are self-developed new all-metal bones. The joints of the fingers and toes are very similar to real human bones. You can take any sexual posture you imagine. Bezlya real doll The vagina is made of tpe high toughness material, the entrance is narrow and compact, and the internal shape is flexible. Bezlya dolls has a 163s 3D 1:1 scan, which is exactly the same as a real person. The original internal mucosal technology, only a few drops of water can enter the vagina, the vagina will automatically moisturize and play a lubricating effect. The sex doll experience is very real.

Asian Style MISSDOLL real doll for sale

MISSDOLL are mainly in Asian style. They are cute and realistic, just like real people. Bezlya Aiwa is not shy, on the contrary, they are very open-minded. Look at their faces, she is real doll.

The MISSDOLL Introductions of Four Series

MISSDOLL is a new brand under Bezlya Sex Dolls. focuses on developing high-end sophisticated bio-simulated dolls, currently divided into three main series: Bionic Doll 2.0 (Silicone + TPE), Bionic Doll 2.1 (Full Silicone), and Bionic Doll 2.2 along with its upgraded version 2.2ULTRA.


The Bionic Doll 2.0 and Bionic Doll 2.1,all utilize imported medical-grade TPE material (non-toxic, non-irritating) and biodegradable DuPont medical-grade silicone material, integrated with a metal skeleton allowing full articulation of all joints.

The Bionic Doll 2.2 emphasizes realism by upgrading to soft silicone material, Silicone Sex Dolls maximizing the tactile realism with a high-pressure rebound simulating lifelike muscle texture, providing a multi-sensory authentic experience.

The Bionic Doll 2.2ULTRA series is an enhancement of the Bionic Doll 2.2 series, Miss Curvy Sex Dolls featuring three-dimensional texture with skin epidermal granules, replicating random skin surface textures akin to a real human touch. This series offers an outstanding dual sensory experience in both touch and sight, complemented by the overall skin texture ULTRA makeup for a remarkably realistic presentation, achieved through a unique spray painting technique that brings a novel visual experience.


Bezlya Exclusive High-Tech Functions

  • Bionic internal mucosa:
    There is no need for lubricating oil, only a few drops of water, and lubrication can be produced after insertion, with a service life of up to 60-80 times. At the same time, the lower body wrapping is stronger than ordinary products, and the stimulation is stronger! The inner mucous membrane will slowly dry itself and be easy to clean. At the same time, it has a memory function, and if you use it for a long time, it will gradually become the shape of the customer. At present, only bezlya in the industry have mastered the internal mucous membrane black technology. And upgrade the second generation.
  • Bionic automatic channel structure:
    It adopts new R&D technology and has the ability of autonomous adsorption. It can automatically swallow in and out of the action, and Zhanghe channel provides a sense of pleasure in behavior. The size of the intake will also affect the swallowing intensity. The channel is upgraded on a human-like basis, which will continue to stimulate the real-life skin perception, and the adrenaline will soar in the short term, giving the exciting experience in behavioral movement.
  • Bionic finger bones:
    Miss Life Size Sex Doll From the wrist to the palm of the hand to the fingertips, the movement trajectory of the real hand activity will be perfectly replicated, which is close to the number of finger bones of the human body, simulating the multi-joint coordination ability of human beings. Basically, it can achieve the degree of independent movement of one finger, and the mobility ability is doubled. As a bionic doll, the hand can be closer to the instructions required by the human to complete.
  • Bionic thermostatic system:
    The heating principle is to inject the heating liquid into the bionic doll with the leg interface of the doll. Through the blood vessel-like vein channel inside the doll, the natural constant temperature heating is formed with the circulation of the heating liquid. The bionic constant temperature system can simulate the blood circulation state of the human body, providing the doll with a stable heating process for the whole body, with a long duration and a stable temperature, so as to get rid of the cold "shell" of the bionic doll.
  • Bionic oral structure:
    Miss Doll Oral Sex The principle is to design a "bionic oral mandible mechanical device" inside the head carving, which can flexibly control the reasonable opening and closing angle of the mouth. At the same time, a new soft and degradable DuPont medical silicone has been upgraded for the head carving, which can reduce the stiffness of the face and fully optimize the degree of bionic.
  • Bionic stereo contrast texture:
    The new epidermal texture technology imitates the external performance brought about by the contraction of pores under the condition of temperature control of the human epidermis. The texture will present particles of different sizes, and the touch has a very small perception. The bionic three-dimensional contrast texture will give the doll the whole body abionic "pore" and a very tiny bulge perception under the projection of anthropomorphic epidermis light. This brings the doll closer to the high level of bionics.
  • Bionic coagulation function:
    Under the adjustment of the material ratio, the upper limit of the silicone material is exerted to the extreme, which is liquid in shape and has visual fluidity. This function is directly poured and molded, forming the main pouring range in the four bionic simulation plates, and the whole forms a real-life simulation tactile planning. The accumulation range of the fat layer is soft, and the multi-motion range is hard, which can be fully supported. Choose the authenticity of the overall bionic doll.

Lifelike Cheap MISSDOLL Love Sex Dolls

MISSDOLL has many heights, each height doll has its own very unique side, Lily with long hair, Elliott with hard hat, are waiting for you to bring her home. You can always trust Lifelike Bezlya real doll, she won't deceive you.




Ling Lan MISS Doll Real Dolls 149cm
Windy Bell Silicone Sexdoll
MISS Doll I-Cup Adultdolls Silicone
161cm Silicone RealDolls Bai Cha
153cm Hibiscus Adult Doll




Material: TPE Sex DollsStyle: FLORID SERIES, MATURE, beauty, TWIN, WINTER, and so on.
Introduction: MISSDOLL is a solid sex doll that is tasteless, less oily, and light. The main material of the sex doll is TPE imported from Japan, which is non-toxic and tasteless, and is closer to the touch of real human skin. The lifelike sex dolls are of high quality and have the best assembly parts. You can take any sexual posture you imagine.


+ High-Quality TPE Sex Dolls
+ Most Popular Doll Brand
+ Many Body Types to Choose from
+ Similar to realistic real skin
+ New makeup optional: blood vessels, pitting.



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