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All In-Stock Sex Dolls Ship From Within The US

U.S. Warehouse Sex Dolls Will Be Sent From Here:  C/O 18501 Arenth Ave,City of Industry, CA 91748

Browse our vast warehouse of local sex dolls (from the US) that can be delivered to you within days.Urdolls store tip: scroll down to discover more cheap 100% brand new genuine US stock dolls.
In-Stock Sex Doll Advantage:
Stock in USA.
Fast delivery,US Delivery time 3 to 5 business days.
100% Risk-free.
New product.
Cheap Price.
Free Shipping.

**Prices shown for in-stock sex dolls are final and can no longer be used for promotions or discounts. Shipping times for in stock sex dolls apply to US orders only.

Notes On Sex Dolls In Stock US

Questions About US In-stocking Dolls:

Can stocked sex dolls be shipped to all countries?
Unfortunately, Our warehouse is in California USA, so dolls in stock can only be delivered to the U.S. Only available for USA orders.
How many days do I need to receive the sex dolls in stock?
When you buy a doll in stock, you will usually receive the doll within 2-3 working days if your shipping address is in the US.
Why are stock sex dolls shipped so quickly?
Ordinary custom sex dolls will be produced after the order is placed, the production time is 3-7 days, and then shipped from China to the United States, it generally takes 3-20 days. Our stock dolls effectively omit the manufacturing time required for ordinary custom dolls, transport the dolls to the US warehouse in advance, and ship directly from the US warehouse. From your purchase to receipt, the time required is only 2-3 days.
Why are sex dolls in stock so much cheaper?
Ordinary sex dolls are shipped individually from China to the United States, either by air or sea, and the cost is high. But bulk shipping saves a lot of money, we ship the most popular sex dolls to our US warehouse in bulk, so shipping costs per sex doll in stock will be significantly lower. Although the stock sex dolls are cheap, the quality is very good.
Are the quality of stock sex dolls different from regular dolls?
Our stock sex dolls are based on the most popular sex dolls on the market and 100% brand new. Aside from the shipping method, regular dolls and stock dolls are the same. Produced by the same manufacturer, both are made of medical grade TPE and silicone, so you can buy your doll with confidence.
Can I customize my doll if it is in stock?
Unfortunately, stock sex dolls cannot be customized in functionality or detail. Product customization needs to be determined before production and completed during the production process, while spot sex dolls are finished products produced in a fixed pattern and do not support customization. And that's the only downside of stock sex dolls.

Urdolls store prompts you to:

* It is forbidden to bend the legs of the love doll for a long time.
* Due to the special properties of the sex doll material, it is easy to dye, so please do not wear dark clothes.
* Do not use irritating liquids such as disinfectants and alcohol to disinfect and clean the Real Doll. Allergy sufferers should test the product before use.
* Do not wash the vagina with the faucet. It is forbidden to clean the face in large areas. If there are spots on the face of the real doll, you can use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover and slowly remove it.
* Don't put your feet at 180 degrees. Prolonged raising of hands is prohibited. When a non-standing sex doll is forced to stand, the foot bone pierces the skin. It should be restored to its original position as soon as possible after use.

About The Maintenance Of In Stock Real Dolls 

  If there is oil on the surface of the sex doll, this is normal. Gently wipe and apply talc with a dry cloth.
   If the surface of the real doll is stained with dirt and stains, please perform maintenance occasionally. The maintenance interval varies from person to person, and it is recommended to perform it once a month.
  The joints of sex dolls remain bent for a long time, and wrinkles will appear on the surface. However, the sex doll itself has good elasticity and the doll is held in an extended position. After a while, the wrinkles weaken and disappear. If the surface of the real doll is dirty, you can wash it with soap, shower gel, etc. Once the surface is dry, apply talcum powder to the doll.
  The makeup we make for Real Doll comes in a special color, is odorless, non-toxic, and doesn't come off easily. Applying too much force can cause hair loss and discoloration. Once faded buyers can fix it with our guidance. Love dolls can modify and apply general makeup like lipstick and blush. For more information, please contact customer service.


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