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Mese Dolls is currently one of the most popular realistic sex dolls on the sex doll market. This doll will leave you with a sex experience you have never had before. Mese Doll sex dolls are currently exported to Europe, America and Asia. The manufacturers of Mese Doll styles and head styles have the most choices, which means that here, you are most likely to find the sex doll you want most.

MeSe Doll

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MeSe Doll




Brand:MeSe Doll 
Material: TPE Sex DollStyle: Big Breasted Sex Dolls, Straight Hair Sex Dolls, Short Hair Sex Dolls, Seductive Sex Dolls, and so on.

Introduction: 1. Mese dolls have added a newly developed material in the production process, which can make your doll's pussy wet! This new material is harmless to the human body and does not cause allergies. Both the plug-in and fixed vagina options provide this new feature. Now you don’t need lubricating oil and you can save $20-40. In addition, the smart doll adds sound and heating functions. The sound function includes two different modes: voice dialogue and touch-activated sound. The voice dialogue function allows communication between lovers. The heating function transfers internal heat to the outside through the heating wire. There is an internal temperature control probe, which can reach a temperature close to the human body (37°C) after heating for one hour. There are still many highlights of Mese dolls, for example, the number of lines of each pair of eyebrows cannot be less than 200, etc., many details are waiting for you to discover.

2. If you compare other sex doll designs with connecting leg accessories, you will find that Mese Doll has independently developed a snap-in replacement! Change the bulky bolt connection to a quick and simple snap operation. If used for a long time, the bolts are loosened, and the bolt-connected leg fittings may easily fall off. The snap-in design does not have this problem, and it is more convenient to disassemble, and does not interfere with your "sex". These split-leg accessories can more easily store, carry and adjust the bending, kneeling, shrugging and other postures of the doll (please note: this function is only available for TPE dolls)
Advantages Of Mese Doll:
1. The scale of production is huge, it is not a pretty workshop
2. There are many experts who develop special sex dolls, and the manufacturing level is high
3. Modern advanced production level to meet your needs for sex dolls
4. Upgrade the leg parts
5. Self-lubricating, let you burst out to the end
6. Upgrade the finger skeleton
7. Exquisite facial makeup
8. Brand new smart doll
9. Realistic body curves
10. Snap-in leg




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