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AXB Dolls Most of our customers choose to cooperate with us because we have excellent engineers to ensure product functions and experienced designers to provide attractive packaging in a short period of time. All realistic sex doll feel soft, supple and elastic, and can take any sexual posture you imagine and show Love Doll with amazing realism.

2022 Your Trusted Sex Doll Brand—AXB Doll

As we all know, AXB Doll brand sex dolls are usually cheaper, there is no doubt about this, but as the saying goes, cheap is cheap, let's talk about why AXB sex doll is so cheap, first of all, AXB Doll is A well-recognized sex doll brand, the material used is TPE, which means that the entire love doll is super realistic and has a good touch. You may not know the advantages of TPE material.

2022 - Relationship between AXB Doll Brand and Tpe Sex Dolls

First, it can be recycled. It can effectively save energy and is an ideal material to replace rubber and silicone. Second, TPE properties are relatively stable, with good temperature resistance (use temperature range -50-100 ° C), aging resistance, chemical resistance, solvent resistance. Third, TPE is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe, has excellent colorability, and is soft to the touch. In addition, TPE has the high elasticity of rubber and the characteristics of injection molding. So cheap AXB Doll is the kind of realistic and cheap sex doll you are after, do you want to have such a realistic tpe sex doll? Come and snap it up, AXB love Doll is waiting for you to take home.

AXB Doll

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AXB Doll




Brand:AXB Dolls  
Material: TPE Sex Dolls Style: Mini sex dolls, Love doll, Flat-chested doll, Anime sex doll, and so on.
Introduction: AXB Doll TPE material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless to the human body; coupled with its advanced and unique production process, the surface skin of the sex doll produced is smooth and delicate, full of elasticity, and has a life size sex doll skin. The whole body is heated at a constant temperature The real temperature of the human body and has the function of opening the sound when touched. 


+ High-Quality TPE Sex Doll
+ Most Popular Doll Brand
+ Many Body Types to Choose from
+ Similar to realistic real skin
+ New skeleton optional: double joints, shrug..


– Expensive but worth buying


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