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XY Doll uses full body makeup with real blood vessels

XY Doll is a well-known product in the world. The overseas brand operation center is located in Shenzhen, China. XY Doll is the pioneer and leader of silicone head + TPE blood vessel simulation body. It adopts real-life mold technology to replicate the real-life model body 1:1 with skin texture. The details are more realistic, the pursuit of perfect details, the facial makeup is more refined and simulated, the body is painted, and the whole body makeup is adopted with real blood vessels + skin lines.

XY Doll

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XY Doll




Brand:XY Doll Source:China
Material: TPE Sex Dolls Style: Mini sex dolls, Pregnant doll, Flat-chested doll, Milf sex doll, and so on.
Introduction: XY Doll uses ultra-high polymer and cosmetic-grade white oil, which has no peculiar smell, tear resistance, weathering resistance, and oil control performance. The XY Doll frame uses higher standards of national standard steel, and the joints are joined with pure spring steel gaskets. Thermal expansion and contraction performance are more stable; XY Dol body shape: adopts the real-life mold process, 1 to 1 copy the real-life model body, with skin texture, the details are more realistic, and the pursuit of perfect details.


+ High-Quality TPE Sex Dolls + Blood Vessel Simulation
+ Copy Real Model
+ Similar to realistic real skin
+ New makeup optional: blood vessels, pitting.


– Expensive but worth buying


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