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6YE Doll lifelike sex dolls body is famous for its high quality, affordable price and wide selection. As for our cheap sex dolls. For many years, he has been committed to making sex doll with a high degree of realism and quality. The most perfect design, the best service, and the most authentic experience is 6YE Doll.

6YE Doll

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6YE Doll




Brand:6YE Doll  
Material: TPE Sex Doll Style: Mini sex dolls, Flat-chested doll, Love doll, and so on.
Introduction: The material of 6YE Doll adopts imported medical research grade TPE polymer non-toxic silicone rubber (referred to as virtual skin in the world). The appearance of 6YE Love Doll is very beautiful, soft and elastic, and the feel and texture are closer to real people.


+ High-Quality TPE Sex Dolls
+ Most Popular Doll Brand
+ Similar to realistic real skin



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Details you should know about the 6YE Doll brand:

All of our 6YE Doll have three holes: about 16cm for the vagina, about 12cm for the anus, and about 10cm for the mouth; the silicone head has no mouth channel, and the silicone head + TPE body is only made of white skin and wheat tan.

6YE Doll specific details

First, 6YE Doll is an old factory in the sex doll industry for many years, with very stable quality and sufficient production capacity; therefore, you don't have to worry about your dolls not being produced or out of stock. Second, the 6YE Doll brand style is mainly European style, which is very popular in the European market. If you like European style dolls, then 6YE Doll is one of your indispensable choices. If you want other European style brands , I would recommend you to choose WM Dolls, or Irontech Doll is also very good; thirdly, 6YE Doll mainly occupy a place in the sex doll market with their pointed breasts and unique style of rear entry.