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Dollhouse 168 Is An Incredible Sex Doll With Three Excellent Love Doll Series

Dollhouse 168 sex doll focuses on Asian and anime faces. 2019 new dollhouse168 has been committed to making sex dolls with a high degree of realism and quality for many years. Their first model was released in the live doll market in 2015. As soon as they went public, their creation was a success. The real EVO version of the doll is a perfect example, its TPE skin is almost perfect in softness and touch, the simplest body/head connector and improved skeleton. Very realistic, these dollhouse 168 love doll provide a series of movements suitable for the human body. Doll House 168 have the perfect touch, the most perfect design, the best service, and the most authentic experience. 

Dollhouse168 (2019 Collection) Sex Dolls Online Store

Dollhouse168 love doll adopts high-quality TPE: optimized raw material formula, less specific gravity (less weight than before), strong permeability, no peculiar smell, low oil yield, and better hand feeling. Dollhouse168 real doll adopts EVO enhanced version skeleton: more skeleton, more Reasonable, more simulated, and simple to operate, it can perfectly realize gestures such as kneeling posture, Asian squat, palm rest, chin shrug, chest shrug and other gestures. At the same time, more aluminum materials are used to achieve lightweight components.

Doll house168 Gives You More Choices Of Real Doll

Dollhouse168 doll wigs are customized according to various sex dolls, which are more suitable and more suitable for your personality. Of course, you will also have many choices. Love doll packaging is more reasonable and safe, each sex doll is packaged with memory foam and covered with a special white blanket, and the package size is relatively small, which is convenient for transportation and collection.

Dollhouse168 Love Doll For Sale Safety And Hygiene

love dolls oral cavity, vagina, anus and inner skeleton are completely separated, hygienic, rust-proof and safe. The hollow chest forming technology is advanced, the hollow space is more reasonable, there is no need for secondary grooving, the touch is real, and the weight is light.The internal structure of the real doll vagina is diverse, there are more choices, and the experience is more real. The internal two-color, including light connection and fastness, has been processed for many times. Both the head and body are 3D printed, making exploration less costly and more efficient.

Dollhouse 168

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Dollhouse 168




Brand:Dollhouse 168 
Material: TPE Sex DollsStyle: pretty sex dolls, Love doll, Flat-chested doll, Anime sex doll, and so on.
Introduction: Dollhouse 168 focuses on Asian and anime faces. The DH168 2019 series of dolls provide attractive Asian and anime style dolls. They are basically Piper dolls with detachable heads. DollHouse 168 is an incredible doll manufacturer that has produced three excellent love doll series in the past few years, pushing the design and production of love dolls to a new level.


+ Highly Flexible Skeleton (EVO)
+ DH168 Has Anime Dolls like Shiori and Lazuli
+ Similar to realistic real skin
+ New skeleton optional: double joints, shrug..


– Expensive but worth buying


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Promise - 170cm loverealdolls Dollhouse 168

Dollhouse 168

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Annabella - 170cm life size toy doll Dollhouse 168

Dollhouse 168

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