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Brand:Irontech Doll Source:China
Material: TPE Sex Dolls Style: BBW sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls, European style dolls, Mature sex doll, and so on.
Introduction: Irontech Doll has everything for real women: soft, textured, elastic skin, and a fully hinged body on a metal skeleton. It is close to perfection in terms of vision, hand, and touch. Irontech Doll's dolls are high-quality love dolls individually manufactured and molded with TPE. With amazing features and unparalleled beauty. The brand aims to satisfy people's pursuit of beauty.


+ All dolls are fully customizable
+ Charming and unique face
+ Delicate and realistic vagina
+ Realistic body and high-quality materials
+ Beautiful young adult girl with western features
+ Beauty with female models or fashion magazine models
+ A well-proportioned face and characters have a harmonious size


– Its unique style may not appeal to everyone
– New style dolls update slowly


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