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2022 - We are more professional about the use and description of Irontech dolls

For a better and longer time use, please read the manual carefully before use. sex doll introduction: Irontech doll is made of TPE (also called Cyber-skin) and flexible metal skeleton. The material is environment-friendly and healthy, and is widely used in high-end adult products. The doll taller than 100cm has full functional mouth, anus and vagina. The anus and vagina is built via real woman pussy anus. And the internal structure of the holes is similar to those of the human body's physiological structure. When you make love with the doll, you will feel your private part sucked when it enters deep enough. Dolls can do most of the actions that human beings can and even pose some postures not possible for human.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers You May Have About Irontech Doll in 2022

Irontechdoll  FAQ 

1. Can eyes be moved? 

The eyeballs can be adjusted. Press down the eye a little with your finger and then you can adjust the eye to the directions you want.Be careful not hurting the doll’s eyelash. 

2. How to deal with pressure marks?

 We use anti-pressure skin material, the doll's skin is hard to produce the pressure marks. If it do happens, please release the pressure for a while, it will recover by itself. If it isn’t recovered for a while, please use some warm wet towel covering the pressure marks area for a while and do it repeatedly, this will help remove the pressure marks.

3. How to repair the damaged skin?

If you damage the doll skin, please use our special repair glue to repair. Due to airline shipping restrictions, we are not able to ship it with the doll. Please buy the glue individually from us if you need them. If large area damage is produced, please contact the customer service for help. 

4. Can I return and exchange?

As the product is personal belongings, we do not accept the return of the goods. All products shipped out only after strict testing. If quality problems are found, please contact customer service within three days after receiving the goods.

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Irontech Doll

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Irontech Doll




Brand:Irontech Doll  
Material: TPE Sex Dolls Style: BBW sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls, European style dolls, Mature sex doll, and so on.
Introduction: Irontech Doll has everything for real women: soft, textured, elastic skin, and a fully hinged body on a metal skeleton. It is close to perfection in terms of vision, hand, and touch. Irontech Doll's dolls are high-quality love dolls individually manufactured and molded with TPE. With amazing features and unparalleled beauty. The brand aims to satisfy people's pursuit of beauty.


+ All dolls are fully customizable
+ Charming and unique face
+ Delicate and realistic vagina
+ Realistic body and high-quality materials
+ Beautiful adult girl with western features
+ Beauty with female models or fashion magazine models
+ A well-proportioned face and characters have a harmonious size


– Its unique style may not appeal to everyone
– New style dolls update slowly


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