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She is a simple, confident sex doll whose tongue can never get enough cum! She is a blowjob expert and has a dense box. She is currently an assistant to the teacher, but in the future she wants to be a professor of gender. But before that, she needed a lot of practice. Her long blonde lock and huge tits begged for praise.
"I have a unique way of interrogating criminals. No matter how strong his will is, I can tame them. Can you believe this is true? Perhaps this is just an excuse for you. From this line of work." At first, I Have never failed.” Pamela said very proudly.
Through exercise endurance, you are more fit than any gym. She only wants to please you with her body. Her mind is already thinking about all the dirty things she will do to you. "Come here. Big boy. My cat is beating, I want you to work hard. I am in love, my own body. I like to cares about myself almost as much, because I like to use hot people with a huge, swaying penis. be touched.
She is a professional interrogator. She is currently engaged in the interrogation of criminals in a US prison. Due to her outstanding performance, she was hired to interrogate international criminals or organizations. But one thing that confuses everyone, this is no one. Knowing how She told the criminal to tell all the secrets. Her request was that she could not have any monitoring and eavesdropping devices in the room when she interrogated the prisoners.
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