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I want to think of myself as a refined and clear person. I have been pregnant for 6 months, I am looking for someone who has never had a pregnant girl, and have the sexiness and gentleness I need to have sex. . Gentle does not mean laziness, but! I put all the hardcore - hope to find my king and Thailand one day.
They will feel very scared when they see me. Because I have two pointed ears, so that everyone looks at me every time I look at me. To a monster. When I was a child, I was often bullied by others, but the strange Thing is that even if many boys attack me together, I will win because my strength will be strong and my body will be flexible. So basically everyone sees it. I will hide far away. Now I am an adult, I am very eager to I sometimes feel lost and lonely, this companion is that my father can't give me. II really want to feel the life of a normal person. Even if there is only one day, would you Like to help me achieve this wish," Laura said.
She loves to live in a fictional world, but just because she likes to use her own imagination does not mean that she does not like the excitement of real life. She is full of confidence in the body curve of her sex doll, grows up in partnership, and pleases men. She offers unparalleled oral sex and is known for her sweet lips. Looking for a man who can release all internal libido.
She is the daughter of a hunter, but everyone who knows the hunter knows that the hunter has no wife, so there is no more daughter. She is the child the hunter saw when hunting in a deep mountain. At That time she It looks like a normal abandoned baby who was only a few months old. After the hunter saw her, she took her home and took care of her. But in the following time, the hunter slowly found something wrong, her ears. It starts to become different from normal people.
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