10%OFF $600+

10%OFF $600+

Coupon Rules

Currently available offers:

10% OFF $600 +
When a customer adds any product to the shopping cart in the urdolls store. As long as the shopping cart amount is greater than $600, you can get a 10% discount. This offer is applicable to all products priced at more than $600 in the urdolls store.
(Please note: the amount of the shopping cart can be superimposed, that is, customers can add multiple products with a price of less than $600 to the shopping cart. The total amount is greater than $600. You can also get the same discount.)

Steps for usage:
(1). Add the product to the shopping cart.

(2). Use coupons on the shopping cart page (https://www.urdolls.com/shopping_cart.html).
The specific operation is shown in the figure below.

(3). Click Check Out to enter the address page to complete the delivery address information. (Https://www.urdolls.com/checkout_shipping_address.html).

(4). After entering the payment page, choose any customer-supported payment method to complete the payment. (Please note: all payment methods can be paid at a discounted price)

Note: If the customer clicks the shopping cart for the first time. The product coupon will be used automatically. If the customer is not clicking the shopping cart for the first time. The customer is required to manually click to select the available coupons to receive the discount. Therefore, when you enter the shopping cart page, please check whether the coupon is successfully used.