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Best XYcolo Doll Most Realistic Premium Silicone Love Dolls For Sale

There are four versions of xycolo sex dolls, Organic Silicone Pro (OSPRO), Organic Silicone (OS), Platinum Silicone Pro (PSPRO), Platinum Silicone (PS), Body skin Pigmenting, Pigmentig Sustainability, Simulated Muscle Layer for each love doll version , Skeleton, Silicone Skin Resilience, Softness Level are all different.

The Most Popular Xycolo Silicone Real Doll

As soon as xycolo real dolls was launched, it has been sought after by many sex doll fans. The reason for the pursuit is that the body painting of Organic Silicone Pro (OSPRO) turned out to be a full-body super-realistic super-realistic painting. This kind of painted sex doll is like a real doll, very authentic and highly ornamental.

High Quality Xycolo Real Life Sex Dolls Store

High-quality xycolo sex doll is the quality we pursue, high-quality love doll is responsible to customers, and also the service quality we have been pursuing, to provide customers with the best xycolo real dolls, xycolo love doll is different from tpe sex doll , xycolo doll's Organic Silicone Pro (OSPRO) and Platinum Silicone Pro (PSPRO) use Simulated Muscle Layer, which is rarely seen.


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Brand:XYCOLO Doll 
Material: Silicone Sex DollStyle: Real doll,Love doll,and so on.
Introduction: XYCOLO Doll  material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless to the human body; coupled with its advanced and unique production process, the surface skin of the ;love doll produced is smooth and delicate, full of elasticity, and has a life size sex doll skin.


+ High-Quality Silicone Sex Doll
+ Most Popular Doll Brand
+ Many Body Types to Choose from
+ Similar to realistic real skin


– Expensive but worth buying


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