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FANREAL Doll  Premium Quality Life Size Real Perfect for Sale

FANREAL Dolls core team focuses on high-end art statues in China for many years. They aim to bring people a different visual and sexual experience. They use high-quality silicone materials and flexible skeletons and use well-equipped product design and top production technology. Soft and durable luxury sex doll. FANREAL Sex Dolls is the only manufacturer of silicone dolls with the feel of real female skin. They focus on taller models and more mature-looking faces. It's not the usual smooth/oil balance, it's the real state of human skin!

Relatively New Brand FANREAL Realistic Silicone Love Dolls

FANREAL is a relatively new brand that makes extremely realistic silicone dolls. Little is known about them, but their faces are very realistic and human-like. We've been to all the other factories and we've been very impressed by few as FANREAL's ultimate real skin. I don't know how FANREAL Sex Doll did it, but I hope they can keep this technology forever. Because it is made of silicone, although the price is a bit more expensive than dolls from other manufacturers, I think it is a matter of course, that these high-quality silicone dolls are worth the price.


cumonprintedpics little sex doll
Head FANREAL Doll Adultdoll 173cm
155cm Love Doll Jia
155cm Silicone RealDolls Qing
165cm Silicone RealDolls Eva




Brand:FANREAL  Doll 
Material: Silicone Sex DollStyle:  Big Breast sex dolls, Sexy doll, Love doll, Anime sex doll, and so on.
Introduction: This is an emerging sex doll brand. FANREAL has a well-equipped product design and a top production technical team. The real love dolls are produced by FANREAL manufacturers. Quality and after-sales can be guaranteed.


+ Premium Silicone sex doll material
+ A variety of body types to choose from
+ Closer to the softness of real women's skin
+ Well-proportioned face and life-size body
+ Focus on mid-to-high-end dolls, with exquisite makeup and exquisite pictures


– Expensive but worth every penny!


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