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Urdolls provide the best realistic jxdoll, here covers jx love doll with Full TPE material, their default configuration is with usable mouth function and padded chest, It's just like real life sex doll, you will also find Silicone head+TPE body material The jx real life sexdoll, their default configuration is: no hair transplant, permanent makeup, no mouth function, jelly chest, can turn eyes, EVO skeleton, with standing, shrug, these default functions will make your love doll realistic To take it to a higher level, in addition to this, the JX sex doll of Full Silicone Material also adds skin texture + blood vessel blue vein function, so that the sex doll you buy can be even more realistic than a real person.


152cm TPE Adult Doll Jessica
Kayleigh JX Sexdolls 160cm
Asa RealDoll realistic
170cm Katie Sex Dolls
JX Adultdoll 160cm

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JX Sex Dolls For Women & Men Sale

JXSexDolls will always give you endless surprises. JXdolls can have multiple heights in one cup, which means that you can choose sex dolls with different heights but the same cup here, Let you easily choose and customize your favorite height cup love dolls.

Best JX Doll Shop Multiple Gifts

When you walk into the JXDoll brand, you have been lucky enough to buy a sex doll with a height of 140cm and above, and you will get 6 free premium sex doll gifts: √ Washer √ Comb √ Gloves √ Wig √ Random underwear √ Blanket. urdolls friendly reminder: The above sex dolls are not obtained by chance, but will be given away when you buy them. Are you excited? Come and buy your favorite sex dolls.