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Who Invented Sex Doll & Made Lifelike Love dolls

About the manufacture of sex dolls, there are probably the following aspects. This article will describe the past and present of these Love Dolls from the aspects of the origin, spread and development of sex dolls, and the current pattern.

The specific location of earliest sex dolls--origin love doll

According to historical records, the original inventor of the inflatable doll had no specific creator. Some of the earliest sex dolls are rumored to have been created by French and Spanish sailors in the 16th century, who would be isolated on long voyages because of loneliness and traditional masturbation that would not satisfy their biological needs, so these sailors put the The earliest masturbation dolls were made from sewn cloth or old clothes, which are the precursors of today's sex dolls.

In Sex in Our Time, Bloch writes: One of the earliest documented appearances of artificial sex dolls dates back to 1908, and in this respect we can refer to adultery influenced by artificial imitation of the human body or individual parts of the human body . In this realm of erotic technology exist the real Vulcansons, clever mechanics who make complete male or female bodies out of rubber and other plastic materials, as seafaring men or women, they can achieve adultery . What's more special is that the reproductive organs are represented in an authentic way. Even the secretion of the Bartholin's gland is mimicked by an oil-filled "pneumatic tube". Similarly, ejaculated semen is mimicked by fluid and suitable devices. This android was actually sold in the catalogs of certain manufacturers of "Rubber Goods in Paris".

adult sex male dolls

However, in 1918 the artist Oscar Kokoschka made a life-size sex doll for a German sex doll manufacturer, but the sex doll manufacturer was not satisfied with the sex doll and destroyed the real doll at a banquet.

Sex doll dissemination and development

In 1930, the "father of modern sex dolls"--German surrealist artist Hans Bellmer pushed the influence of sex dolls farther into the future. Bellmer designed three exquisite sex dolls. The international art world at that time quickly made waves, and this period is also known as the "sex doll boom period".

There is, however, some controversy in history as to who made the sex dolls, as there is a report that "Nazi Germany," the Nazi party headed by Adolf Hitler, made sex dolls for soldiers during World War II. But no reliable source Confirmed, now considered a scam.

Around the early days of domestic unrest in the Netherlands, the Dutch sold some of these dolls to the Japanese for historical and economic reasons, and the term "Dutch wife" is still used to refer to sex in Japan's pornographic culture industry today. The source of dolls, and today's Japanese sex doll is really well developed, and the entire sex doll industry.

lady gaga Irontech doll

Later in the late 20th century, people were not satisfied with the existing sex doll production technology, so after several technological leaps in production. By the 1970s, vinyl, latex, and silicone were the most commonly used materials for making sex dolls; silicone, in particular, allowed a higher degree of realism, making silicone sex dolls incredibly lifelike.

Today's Real Doll Market Landscape

Today's sex doll market is full of all kinds of new sex dolls, and cheap sex dolls occupy a large share of sex dolls. From the material point of view, there are inflatable sex dolls, TPR sex dolls, and sex doll torso These three kinds of relatives. It is relatively cheap and relatively cost-effective, and the more popular materials are tpe sex dolls and silicone sex dolls, which are very hot in the sex doll market.

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With the development of the world, there will be more and more traditional sex dolls, and there will be more and more imitation and counterfeit sex dolls on the market, filled with a lot of irritating odors, especially unpleasant, not easy to clean, etc. For the vast number of sex doll customers, it is undoubtedly a historic disaster, and it is also a deception, but there are also some conscientious merchants, such as the sex dolls sold by urdolls, which are very formal. If you have any questions, you can also contact The customer service asks for specific information such as sex doll videos, sex doll factory pictures, etc., to protect your legal rights at the source.

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In fact, we don't have to investigate who made sex dolls, because we all know that the emergence of sex dolls is a trend and trend in history, now from masturbation sex dolls to inflatable sex dolls, TPR sex dolls, Tpe sex dollsSilicone Sex Doll and AI-Tech sex dolls now, whether they are traditional sex dolls or smart sex dolls, are providing reliable services for every artist with physical needs or ornamental sex. You can always trust the urdolls store, urdolls only sells Officially licensed sex dolls, reject fakes.

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