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Black Friday Sex Doll Brand Sale Online Shopping Collection


2022-11-20 22:30:29

This is a collection of all current branding activity on this site. Every month we strive to provide consumers with various offers, and participating sex dolls  manufacturers may vary from time to time. In short, here you will find any brand of doll activities you want, we will continue to upd ...

Hold a grand Halloween sex doll party


2021-10-22 22:04:23

We held a grand squid game Halloween costume somewhere in the United States, and you are welcome to participate, where we displayed a lot of sex dolls wearing holy festival costumes. As soon as you arrive at the party venue, you will first see the Halloween witch. The witch’s name is Sabrina, Sabri ...

How to care for sex dolls?


2021-05-25 22:47:14

How many years the urdolls doll can be used depends on the condition of use and care. Sex dolls that are frequently used and moved are more susceptible to wear and tear. We understand that your sex doll is an investment, so we have compiled some tips to maintain the quality and life of your sex dol ...

All Sex Dolls Reviews

If you really want to buy our dolls, but there are still some concerns that bother you. You can come here to see other customers' evaluations of dolls. Maybe their opinions on our products can help you. Of course. We also welcome every buyer to leave your valuable opinions here. Your praise will be our greatest affirmation. We will also actively adopt your suggestions. We hope to bring better service to our customers.
  • Tiffany Alien Female Dolls Castle Tpe Adult Dolls Review

    Not much to really say. The toy was fun to use. This product is amazing. Everything about it fulfill the desire.I love the feel of it inside and out. The suction is crazy good, air tight man. It looks realistic as hell ass well. Sometimes I just be looking at it admiring how well they did on replicating the look. Thank you!

    Date Added: 2023-11-29 20:55:25 by Watson

  • Nori Huge Titts European Dolls Castle Tpe Adult Dolls Review

    She sits cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, and does doggy, but best of all, are the details. Her skin has all the little things that make her feel and look more real but even better are her insides. Vaginally, she’s deep and has a the realistic feel of a real girl. Soak her in a warm bath and she’ll retain a good amount of heat. I was very pleasantly surprised that her butt is a completely different texture and has its own canal, also feeling like real girl butt. 

    Date Added: 2023-11-29 20:50:07 by Brycen

  • Lisa European Callant Dolls Castle Tpe Adult Dolls Review

    Front entrance is best for average and above sizes and features a more mild design for longer play sessions. The back entrance is smaller and offers a more intense experience.  The packaging is very discreet. Unmarked sealed box inside an ordinary with a lot of secure and protective packaging, so your item won’t get damaged nor can anyone tell what is inside by shaking it.

    Date Added: 2023-11-29 20:41:06 by Derrick

  • Lenora Hot Big Breasts Dolls Castle Tpe Adult Dolls Review

    It is very soft, but still firm enough that it resembles a toned body.

 The overall presentation of the hip is superb. All of the curves that surround the front entrance are anatomically true—not a single thing was out of place. The body resembles a petite figure with a slim waist, but with a very round and full rear. Holding onto either part is very realistic. The back features an arch and spinal depression that is great to run your fingers through. And the inner thighs are a good show as well. The abs and navel are incredibly well done. Nice flat stomach, with sensual curves accentuating the muscles make more a very believable experience during use. The skin tone across the entire body is very natural as well, with a modest and realistic pigmentation on the front entrance.

    Date Added: 2023-11-29 20:31:29 by Raylan

  • Elia Phat Ass BBW Dolls Castle TPE Adult Dolls Review

    I absolutely love the serene ness to the quality of life that this product brings, the stress that it lifts off the shoulders is unmatched... It succeeds on everything it says and more! Great product for the price, perfect...

    Date Added: 2023-11-29 20:15:47 by Trace

  • Aubriella Lifelike European Dolls Castle TPE Adult Dolls Review

    This thing is surprisingly . Very realistic texture and jiggle. Even the butt cheeks smack like the real thing! I've tried others that are way sex doll. this one is much closer to "real". WoW! A VERY realistic feel both during and in thje end. I do recommend this one, even though like I said, I wish it were a bit tighter feel.

    Date Added: 2023-11-29 19:38:55 by Dexter

  • Realing Doll RealDoll Review Shai

    The size is great, easy to use, easy to clean, and does its purpose perfectly. The powerful suction, amazing texture, and ease of use due to its size make it wonderful to use. Overall, it's great value for money and offers more versatility than many other dolls. You won't be disappointed.

    Date Added: 2023-11-23 08:37:58 by Dominick

  • Realing Doll RealDoll Review Sharon

    This toy is well worth buying and can provide a lot of fun. The toy is made of high-quality TPE & silicone and has an excellent feel. As good as other quality masturbation toys. The two holes offer two different feel and tightness, depending on what you want. So it’s kind of like two toys in one! It can even be used to play some steamy games with another friend.

    Date Added: 2023-11-23 08:22:17 by Jalen

  • Realing Doll RealDoll Nina Review

    This way I can get an Affordable Petite *ahem* doll that I can *ahem* play with. tunnel inside is so nice and the best part...she is always ready! ! ! ! This toy is incredible! ! From smooth and sexy facial features to a soft and tight heart. This toy will make you tremble with joy

    Date Added: 2023-11-23 07:31:19 by Tadeo

  • Realing Doll RealDoll Hannah Review

    Very nice, looks real, I love the realistic looking lips, the design ensures a perfect fit and is easy to hold, enhancing the overall experience. The convenience it provides during use is commendable. In addition, this product has impressive advantages, especially its large and attractive appearance. The right proportions cater to users who pursue comfort and beauty. This is a clear recommendation for those who appreciate the combination of form and function.

    Date Added: 2023-11-23 06:28:57 by Dalton

  • Realing Doll RealDoll Jenny Review

    God, this feeling is unique. It's so real, it's absolutely unique. With the perfect weight and size to suit any need. So happy I purchased this toy. The toy arrived on time, in a sturdy and undamaged box, and individually packaged. Excellent value for money, I highly recommend it

    Date Added: 2023-11-23 05:55:29 by Kolton

  • Realing Doll RealDoll Rowan Review

    Very nice toy that very love the plump juicy jiggle breasts!the feel on the inside is great! And MOST of all I love the plump!, juicy! and very detailed made vagina! and love how easy it is to clean! will DEFINITELY purchase again!

    Date Added: 2023-11-23 05:20:59 by Johnathan

  • Realing SexDolls Sunny Rreview

    I just got it today and I’ve used it already and I must say it feels great.It is wayyyy better than my hand. I fell asleep after using it just like when I have sex. I’m in love with the product, nice and tight feels great, love the weight of it and detail on it as well.Feels soo real, better than the real thing sometimes def recommend 10/10

    Date Added: 2023-11-23 04:14:44 by Bo

  • Erin review realistic Realing Doll Adult Dolls

    This is a very good product and is made with very realistic high quality skins and textures at an affordable price. Each hole also has two different feels. I love her holes, haha. She has very deep holes that allow for deep penetration and it feels very realistic.

    Date Added: 2023-11-23 01:31:37 by Kason

  • Flora Reviews Racy C cup Doll-Forever TPE Love Dolls

    Featuring realistic boobs vagina and anus Love this toy! It feels very realistic, I highly recommend this, it feels super real. Its quality is amazing. This product is fantastic, great price and very pleasant, I highly recommend buying this toy, it has two pleasant qualities that will make you love it

    Date Added: 2023-10-24 07:01:17 by Jasper

  • Charlotte Reviews Steamy Big Breasts FANREAL Silicone Sex Dolls

    This toy is awesome! It feels really good and is made with very realistic, high-quality skins and textures at an affordable price. I love her holes, haha. She has very deep holes that allow for deep penetration and it feels very realistic. It feels so real, sometimes better than the real thing, definitely recommend.

    Date Added: 2023-10-24 06:49:13 by Giovanni

  • Mia Reviews Mesmerizing Blonde FANREAL Silicone Real Dolls

    Don’t want to go into too much detail, but it’s great. It's really tight and both holes are nice! This is a great lady! If you're on the fence about this, go ahead and give it a try, trust me.

    Date Added: 2023-10-24 06:08:44 by Jaxson

  • 170cm G Cup Della Delicate Beauty FANREAL Silicone Love Doll Reviews

    I recently purchased this product with a feminine design and I was absolutely blown away by the attention to detail! The craftsmanship is exquisite and every aspect of the woman is accurately represented. Realistic silhouettes and intricate features truly create an immersive experience. The breasts are a standout feature - not only do they look full and natural, but they feel surprisingly lifelike too. The texture and weight provide an incredibly realistic feel that enhances the overall experience. It's like having a partner who feels like a real person. All in all, if you're looking for a product that offers stunning realism, especially in terms of female detail and lifelike breasts, this is definitely a product worth considering. I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it to others looking for a quality and enjoyable experience.

    Date Added: 2023-10-24 04:59:35 by Emmett

  • Flirtatious Natural Girl Zoe Reviews WM TPE Adult Doll

    I purchased this product out of curiosity but ended up using it more than I thought I would. I love the feel of this product it's a very good product whether missionary or doggie he can easily get into her hole without any struggle unlike the ones I had before and sent her to landfill. Beautiful, realistic look, but would be difficult for someone with older ED like me. It feels so good inside.

    Date Added: 2023-10-24 04:36:31 by Kayden

  • Irontech Sex Dolls Review Eulalia Chambers

    The product has a very realistic looking and feeling opening. In some ways, it's a better experience than using branded flesh lights, as some flesh lights can be too stimulating and unrealistic. Great for use with VR. Overall, I'm very impressed with the quality for the money.

    Date Added: 2023-10-20 07:27:05 by Jaxon

  • Irontech Love Dolls Review Zephyrine Hayes

    OK I have to say it was amazing and felt so real and weird. Also, yes it is life size, keep in mind the cavities on the anus and vagina are very tight, really nice, very nice and feels real Highly recommended

    Date Added: 2023-10-20 07:20:15 by Waylon

  • Irontech Adult Doll Review Elowen Mitchell

    I bought this as a gag gift for my husband. Little did we know how realistic it was. I watched him use it and offered a little help with my tongue! This thing is so magical, so real, just like life. He said he felt like he was cheating on me. Needless to say we all loved it!

    Date Added: 2023-10-20 07:13:01 by Lincoln

  • Fantasized SE Adult Doll Regina.E Reviews

    This product is fantastic! The whole family loves it and we take it with us when we go on long road trips, our kids’ graduations, etc… So glad we purchased: This Beauty SE Big Breast Temptation 5.3ft/161cm F Cup Real Doll. I don't know how we got by without it

    Date Added: 2023-10-20 07:04:11 by Charles

  • Captivating Slim SE Adult Doll Winola.C Review

    This is great. It feels good, but not entirely realistic. Detail is actually very good, the skin is textured down to the smallest detail, and the "areas" are well thought out. It has some nice weight to it, but I personally couldn't keep my hands free, I'm a little too big for this toy. Overall, I still recommend, mainly I have a few complaints about the size.

    Date Added: 2023-10-20 06:55:17 by Santiago

  • Milf XT Adult Doll Review Yin

    Works great, feels really nice and soft, I do like the rounded, bubbly bottom. As others have said, he comes to life, it does what it's supposed to do, it's just a toy to enjoy. I've used it successfully a few times.

    Date Added: 2023-10-20 06:43:55 by Jayden

  • Sexy Blonde Fire Love Doll Review Indigo

    Nice product great price most fleshy ones cost more than this, this is the first part Sex Doll Torso toy I have tried and it is much better than the fleshy ones. Now I'm curious what the complete torso looks like. Anyway, this toy is very small and tight, which makes this product great if you know you are small or average, if you know you are definitely larger than average, this toy will be harder to enjoy. It feels very soft and real, the only downside I found was that it was more difficult to clean than the open flesh. Other than that, this toy is great and highly recommended!

    Date Added: 2023-10-20 06:32:03 by Anthony

  • Coquettish Fire Adult Doll Delilah Review

    Skeptical at first, once it arrived, the weight and appearance were very appealing. It feels great. love it! I think some people don't understand that this product is TPE + Silicone Sex Dolls and silicone tears that we make and if you don't use baby powder on the outside and lubricate it on the inside, the weight feels very real and so does the skin, which is probably my new favorite thing

    Date Added: 2023-10-20 06:15:10 by Isaac

  • Temptress Fire Real Dolls Azalea Review

    This product is fantastic. And it's easy to hide. I love how it feels inside and out. The suction is very good and the airtight one. It also looks very realistic. Sometimes I just look at it and admire how well they replicate the look. Everything was fulfilled. Thank you!

    Date Added: 2023-10-20 05:57:51 by Dylan

  • Blonde Fire Sex Dolls Review Magnolia

    The first thing I want to say is that the details on this thing are important, it looks real, her European Style Dolls facial features and European charm are truly mesmerizing. This toy is fun to use. Great, everything was fulfilled.

    Date Added: 2023-10-20 05:41:10 by Matthew

  • Bonnie Reviews Sexy Climax Real Dolls

    I'm so glad I did. She is very pretty and I checked her all over and found her to be in perfect condition. There is no strong odor other than that of baby talcum powder or similar substance that keeps TPE smooth. No discoloration or mold errors. She is heavy, but not bulky as some other reviews imply. I haven't been to the gym in a long time, but I can hang her behind my back with one arm and move her and flip her around easily. This doll is soft. It's very soft. The joints are really adjustable. I didn't have a problem adjusting them like others have. You can definitely enjoy many different positions.

    Date Added: 2023-10-06 08:02:27 by Theodore

  • Charming Climax Real Dolls Ella Reviews

    The doll arrived late and the seller worked with me some. Arrived in a discreet box, although the packaging inside the box was just a plastic bag. Not much protection for the doll! The doll's back was arched during shipping, which is not bad, as it shows that the seller did not mention that there was a joint in the chest. This is a great doll! Soft TPE, not too soft. The interior is very detailed and feels great ...... First let me say it's in beautiful shape. The chest looks just like the picture. The bottom is sturdy and pattable. This thing is much heavier than I expected. (which is a good thing) It's very flexible in the right places and fits the internal "skeleton" of the joints. I've always wanted a sex doll, but was afraid to spend the money. I'm glad I did.

    Date Added: 2023-10-06 07:29:06 by Colter

  • Savannah Review Mature CLM Real Doll

    Date Added: 2023-10-06 05:09:07 by Kylian

  • Sultry pretty Climax Sex Dolls Ava Review

    Alluring Climax Ava Pictures. Yes, it's small, but boy does it deliver. The hole is in the right spot, which is obviously hard to find. The joints are strong and maintain their position. Drying sticks work great and are necessary if you want to keep this stuff around for a long time. The skin details are so realistic that it looks like a real woman model, then scaled down. I've only had it for a month, but I expect it to last at least a year or two. Will update if anything happens, but so far this product is definitely worth the money. If you're not sure about getting a full size doll and want to "test the waters", I highly recommend this. This full-size sex legs and torso love doll is more than just a toy; it's an investment in personal pleasure. Its realistic features, realistic feel and extraordinary weight provide a sense of satisfaction that's hard to match.

    Date Added: 2023-10-02 01:46:27 by Leonardo

  • Natalie Review Steamy Torso Climax TPE Love Doll

    I bought these legs awhile back, and I must say, it has exceeded all my expectations. This lifelike masterpiece is a gateway to unparalleled pleasure and an investment worth every penny. From the moment I unboxed this incredible creation, I was captivated by its realistic features and attention to detail. The lifelike texture, curves, and enticing contours of the torso instantly set the mood for an unforgettable experience. The full-size design provides an incredibly immersive encounter that feels remarkably close to the real thing. Each "option" brings its own unique blend of ecstasy. The tightness, softness, and tantalizing sensations will leave you breathless... craving for more.

    Date Added: 2023-10-01 23:43:35 by Christian

  • 153cm(5ft) Rita Envious Buyer Real Life Doll Review

    I can't stop playing, the lubricant is very durable, pour it into the lubricant and use it together, it's so sour! The facial features are correct, sexy, and beautiful. The  sex doll  can be placed in various poses, and the skin is almost as elastic as real skin. The skin is easy to touch, some straight people have salty skin, the proportions of the body are quite coordinated, and the lower body is very firm.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:47:13 by Vincent

  • 161cm(5ft3) Mesa Conniving Customer Real Love Doll Reviews

    The packaging is intact, the delivery is fast, the logistics are fast, the  sex doll  is fine in workmanship, the price is affordable, the quality is good, the material is well used, very soft, very elastic, the shape of the chest is very plump and round, the buttocks are very warped, and the entire outline is very good beautiful.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:47:11 by Oliver

  • 163cm(5ft4) Jing Overconfident Client Lifelike Doll Ratings

    The  sex doll  is very comfortable to play with. The gift is very complete. There are a lot of tight meat granules inside. The pretty brother rubs it inside and plays very satisfyingly. Add lubricating oil and rub it inside, and the meat granules are full. This is a feeling I didn't expect before I bought it. It is smooth and soft to the touch, very full and full, and the physical reaction is very strong.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:47:08 by Kaleb

  • 161cm(5ft3) Shuya Delusional Consumer Real Doll Comment

    I feel overjoyed, why do I think it looks better than the promotional video? The quality of the workmanship of the  sex doll  is unquestionable, and I am 100% satisfied. It feels very good in the hand and has a strong sense of use. It is fully physical, very real, comfortable to experience, and achieves the desired effect. It feels fleshy, no different from real people.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:47:06 by Levi

  • 164cm(5ft4) Miyuki Fickle Client Real Sex Doll Ratings

    The picture is consistent with the goods, especially beautiful and plump, and the handle is also very good. This  sex doll  is really suitable for a single dog like me. Anyway, I take it out to play when I am lonely. It is much more beautiful and comfortable than real people. The texture and details are very good. It is recommended not to let it go with Too much lubricant, otherwise, the sensitivity will be very low. People who want to exercise durability can put in more. If you put too much, it will feel like water. It's very convenient to just flush it.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:47:04 by Oscar

  • 153cm(5ft) Fenny Egotistical Consumer Real Lifelike Doll Comment

    I think the face is very good-looking, and the figure is also very good, the front is convex and the back is warped, and it feels very soft to the touch. The  sex doll  is really much better than expected. I like it very much. It is as good-looking as the customer service description. Every other part is quite real, soft, and elastic.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:47:02 by Ashton

  • 163cm(5ft4) Klavdiya Overdramatic Customer Lifelike Doll Reviews

    The doll is very real when received in kind. The tightness of the lower body can also be very elastic. The upgraded version feels good and soft. The package is well packaged. After careful inspection, the  sex doll  is not damaged. The gift is also very practical and looks better than the real thing. The customer service is very good, every detail is confirmed with you.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:46:59 by Cody

  • 160cm(5ft3) Akira Affectionate Customer Sex Love Doll Reviews

     I ordered before arranging delivery. What I received was exactly the same as in the delivery video. This doll is so versatile, any clothes are suitable for the doll's face and figure, just a little dress-up for her, it is very seductive.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:34:24 by Colton

  • (4ft10) Ling Ordinary Buyer Sex Life Doll Review

    The speed of logistics is really nothing to say, just one word: fast. The  sex doll  is very high-end from the outside packaging, you really get what you pay for. After washing and drying, the breasts and buttocks are very soft. You can look at your face after you cool off. It's so beautiful. When I have free time, I will buy clothes for her to dress up in.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:30:58 by Bryce

  • 150cm(4ft11) Akira Adorable Buyer Big Chest Sex Doll Review

    sex doll

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:30:56 by Josiah

  • 162cm(5ft4) lucy Artsy Client Lifelike Doll Ratings

    The  sex doll  has no peculiar smell, just like the real thing, the chest is solid and the workmanship is really elastic, giving people a very real feeling, and the facial features are also very delicate. In addition to not moving and looking like a real person, it looks good when you dress it up. The bottom is tight, and it is slippery and sticky with lubricating oil. It is very comfortable and fleshy.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:30:52 by Richard

  • 150cm(4ft11) Akira Adventurous Consumer Sex Doll Comment

    . I was not disappointed. I didn’t pay the tuition fee. The quality is very good. The inner passages are tight, which is wonderful, and it's comfortable to play with.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:30:48 by Kyle

  • 170cm(5ft7) Assa Beloved Customer Sex Love Doll Reviews

    It’s the first time I’ve come into contact with  sex doll , but it’s worth it, the skin color is very positive, I didn’t expect that the texture and feel of real people can be imitated, this is quite surprising, and the main thing is that the overall look is very charming, the material quality is good, and it feels very comfortable, the range of joint rotation is not bad, you can pose in various poses, the skin is soft, and when you press it with your hands, it has the elasticity and toughness of a real person.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:20:19 by Jesse

  • 155cm(5ft1) Dora Angelic Client Real Love Doll Ratings

    Received the doll, and it feels really good, the overall lines of the body are relatively real, the details are fine, and the head of the  sex doll  is very fine and beautiful, it is said that the skeleton has been upgraded, and the effect is indeed more sensitive after receiving the test. The softness is good, and the details are handled in place. The quality is good for the same price.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:20:17 by Parker

  • Shannon Amazing Consumer Love Doll Comment

    Safety is the most important thing when buying this thing! So I bought it after comparing several stores. It looked fine when it arrived. I was shocked when I opened the box. The head carving of the  sex doll  is very delicate. The details of the whole body are too real. The clothes I bought him were a little seductive and charming. The item is good, it can solve physiological problems, there is no peculiar smell, and I am very satisfied.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:20:14 by Miguel

  • 165cm(5ft5) Melody Artistic Customer Real Lifelike Doll Reviews

    I really like the collarbone of the doll. It is really lifelike and very realistic. I especially like to look at it. I also bought a few bare collarbones for the  sex doll . The hormones soared in a straight line in an instant, and not only the collarbone but also the outline of the body. Just like real people, very beautiful.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:20:11 by Riley

  • 170cm(5ft7) Mina Attractive Consumer Sex Doll Comment

    It was recommended by a friend in the group, and it is good, the  sex doll  feels very real, the experience is also quack, I bought one with the mentality of giving it a try, it exceeded my expectations, it is worth the money, and it is ok.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:20:09 by Devin

  • 170cm(5ft7) Wenmei Attentive Buyer Big Chest Sex Doll Review

    Compared with the one I bought from a good brand, I can only say that I was pleasantly surprised, with a good-looking face and a good figure. like! I bought it from the forum introduction. It’s the first time I bought a  sex doll . I chose it according to the customer service introduction. The size and weight are suitable. Baby friends can refer to it.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:20:06 by Timothy

  • Victoria Ambitious Customer Real Doll Reviews

    The material of the doll is very good, it is relatively clean and hygienic, the key point is comfort, as you all know, the legs can be moved in various postures without any influence, the price is very worthwhile, and the functions are also very comprehensive, soft to the touch, the feel is particularly good, there is no wrong choice, as an old player of physical dolls, this product surpasses most dolls in the parity, and it is more realistic and wrapping. It's hard to imagine such a nice  sex doll  for this price.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:20:04 by Antonio

  • 162cm(5ft4) Judy Appreciative Consumer Real Life Doll Comment

    I have been looking forward to it for a long time and finally arrived. The packaging is very good, the logistics are fast, the version is very correct, and the customer service attitude is very good. The face is very delicate, the skeleton moves relatively freely, and tasteless, and the function is very powerful, the  sex doll  is absolutely wonderful, very wonderful. It looks great and feels good in the hand. You can hug the big beauty every day, it's beautiful just thinking about it.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:20:01 by Alejandro

  • Elina Agreeable Client Sex Real Doll Ratings

    The physical  sex doll  is real, the hands and feet can move flexibly, and the joints of the limbs can move. Although the price of physical dolls is not cheap, the dolls are really good, and the skin is relatively soft. The welfare of single dogs, bid farewell to the lonely night, especially the customer service is really super patient.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:19:59 by Kaden

  • 155cm(5ft1) Dora Appreciated Buyer Real Sex Doll Review

    Very good, the appearance design and color are very close to real people, there is no slight color difference on the head and body, the real  sex doll  is more beautiful than the picture, and it looks beautiful with any clothes. It is indeed a confidential shipment, and the figure is good, which is what I like. It is quite similar to the real person, and it feels very comfortable to the touch.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 01:19:57 by Steven

  • Cadence Sightly Fucking Consumer Real Sex Doll Comment

    I would like to give you a little suggestion, if you want to dress with a good body proportions, you can buy higher ones. After all, sex dolls are not picky about clothes like women. He looks good in anything because of his height. It is also a kind of leisure to dress up  sex doll  and shoot when you have time.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 00:51:29 by Joel

  • Debbi Alluring Buyer Sex Life Doll Review

    sex doll  is very surprised, it is really worth it, it belongs to the kind that the more you play, the more you like it, it is very comfortable to play, you can pose a lot of actions, I like it very much. The skin has the elasticity and toughness of a real person when pressed. Very soft, and now I use it every night to relieve my body's needs.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 00:51:22 by Eli

  • Elena Showy Breast Buyer Real Love Doll Review

    In terms of price, the individual can still accept it, so you can save it. In the baby group, I see the bosses posting their babies every day, and my heart is already itchy. I have been paying attention to it for a while, and I bought it directly after feeling good, it is really super real, the packaging is very strict, and there is no bump when I receive the  sex doll . As soon as it arrived, I couldn't wait to open it. Seriously, this thing is so beautiful, it is definitely eye-catching. There is no doubt that this touch feels like a real person, and you can pose in any pose, especially for us nerds without girlfriends.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 00:51:19 by Jake

  • Scarlett Shiny Breast Client Real Doll Ratings

    The makeup on the head is really well proportioned, the workmanship is fine, and the touch is very soft. The sexy skin color is just like the picture, and it looks like a white and tender girl. The touch is also pretty good, and the details are very well done. It’s amazing to see such a beautiful  sex doll  makes people feel comfortable, after all, since ancient times, heroes have loved beautiful women, and with her, every night is quite enjoyable.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 00:51:17 by Victor

  • Alexia Wonderful Customer Real Life Doll Reviews

    I feel that the real thing is more beautiful than the picture of the  sex doll , and I have already taken a fancy to the clothes! I bought a dress myself, and it really looks good when I dress it up. When the time comes, I will learn how to change my makeup online.

    Date Added: 2023-01-24 00:51:15 by Colin

  • 162cm(5ft4) Nikita European and American Style Keen Consumer Love Doll Comment

    Now the technology is too powerful, and the physical dolls are so real that they can completely replace women, and it is more than enough to solve men's problems. It’s a birthday gift for my buddy. He has always wanted to use mine secretly. This time, I just had the opportunity to buy  sex doll  for him. There is no problem at all after receiving the express delivery. The seller’s packaging is very good, and it feels very real to the touch. Hope he has a good night.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:32:22 by Sebastian Steve

  • 154cm(5ft1) Natalya European and American Style Sensuous Customer Sex Love Doll Reviews

    Sex doll

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:32:20 by Xavier Fred

  • 163cm(5ft4) Mischa Asian Style Seductive Consumer Sex Doll Comment

    I bought a hair set before. Although the experience of using it is not as good as that of a real person, it has reached the desired level. You can also buy a lot of beautiful clothes for the  sex doll , and match more clothes to make it more realistic! The workmanship of the doll is very high-grade, and the lubricating oil is applied in an appropriate amount. It is smooth and soft to the touch, which makes people very excited.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:32:18 by Brody Harry

  • Rufina European and American Style Charm Buyer Real Sex Doll Review

     is very real, with a delicate face and figure, which is really pleasing to the eye. The weight is acceptable, and the joints are moderately elastic. It feels very high-end, and it is completely worth the price. It is absolutely impossible to tell what you are buying from the outer packaging. The packaging is very good, so you can rest assured. The head needs to be installed by yourself, but the installation is also very simple. The skin is very elastic and feels nice to the touch.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:32:15 by Carson Jesse

  • 170cm(5ft7) Roksana European and American Style Enthusiastic Consumer Love Doll Comment

    I bought this  sex doll  stuff for the first time, so I was worried and paid the tuition fee. When I received the doll, I was satisfied in all aspects. The makeup is very delicate, and it has no smell. It is almost the same as the picture. It is true that you get what you pay for. So don't buy a fake physical doll just because you want to be cheap. When I have money, I will buy a bigger one. This one is really enjoyable and satisfying.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:32:13 by Eric Ernest

  • 173cm(5ft8) Roza European and American Style Incredible Customer Real Doll Reviews

    The  sex doll  figure is really good, the leg shape is my ideal leg shape! The skeleton can be adjusted in a large range, the movement is very flexible, and the details are perfect! And the function is mainly very effective, not false. The price is very high, but I feel that the quality of the doll is very good, it is very exciting to play with, and the simulation effect is very good.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:32:11 by Brian Phillip

  • 165cm(5ft5) Radinka European and American Style Elaborate Customer Sex Love Doll Reviews

    I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy a white and beautiful  sex doll . The effect of using it is really remarkable. The skeleton is very flexible after using it once or twice. Said: It is not difficult to clean, easy to use, and the quality and feel are very good. The money is really not wasted, the doll is very beautiful and worth the price.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:32:09 by Sean Bobby

  • 170cm(5ft7) Renata European and American Style Energetic Buyer Sex Life Doll Review

    The quality of the silicone  sex doll  is very good and it looks beautiful and very realistic. It really looks like sleeping with a beautiful woman at night. High-cost performance, worth buying. Don't look serious, just like a real person. You still need to know how to dress up the doll to be more beautiful, but it is basically no problem to meet the needs of that aspect, and it is quite fun to play.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:32:01 by Alex Martin

  • 158cm(5ft2) Olegevna European and American Style Marvelous Customer Real Lifelike Doll Reviews

    It’s so pretty, I specially bought some sets of clothes and shoes for her online to dress her up, you can dress up the way you like, I like it very much, the  sex doll  poses for photos and experiences better, it’s really extremely beautiful. I will not be afraid of being lonely in the future, and overall I am very satisfied.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:04:13 by Jesus Howard

  • 157cm(5ft2) Oksana European and American Style Appealing Consumer Real Life Doll Comment

    I have been fascinated by this  sex doll  for a long time. I bought it during the promotional event. It is much cheaper. The doll is very imitative. It would be great if it could move. It is good when it is hey, and it is more comfortable. It’s just that it’s more difficult to pose. When playing, it’s best to use one or two poses. The doll is still very good overall. It feels very good in the hand, and the makeup is also very delicate. Before I received the goods, I was worried that the dolls were too fake and I had to return them. The result is really satisfying and worth buying.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:04:10 by Henry Randy

  • 166cm(5ft5) Nikolaevna Asian Style Exact Client Real Love Doll Ratings

    The facial features are exquisite, and the  sex doll  is as described in the picture. Good size and good value for money. After using it for two days, I feel very good. Let me tell you a good way to take a bath. Just sit on a stool and wipe it with shower gel and a sponge. It really takes a little thought to go back and forth. I am happy. It's all paid for, different people have different opinions, and I'm still very satisfied.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:04:08 by Hayden Jeremy

  • 166cm(5ft5) Nina Asian Style Precise Customer Real Doll Reviews

    I can tell you responsibly that you get what you pay for for many things, and physical dolls are no exception. The  sex doll  in this store are high-end and very conscientious, and the quality of workmanship is very good. Because I was cheated once before, the seller took the trouble to introduce it to me. The pictures are the same as the real ones. Many of the gifts are very good, but it is recommended to buy them first. The bigger one, this one is a bit small, I have to buy a bigger one when I get home from a business trip.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:04:06 by Liam Louis

  • (4ft10) Mila Asian Style Scrumptious Buyer Big Chest Sex Doll Review

    The facial features are exquisite, and the  sex doll  is as described in the picture. Good size and good value for money. After using it for two days, I feel very good. Let me tell you a good way to take a bath. Just sit on a stool and wipe it with shower gel and a sponge. It really takes a little thought to go back and forth. I am happy. It's all paid for, different people have different opinions, and I'm still very satisfied.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:04:03 by Jeremiah Adam

  • Nika European and American Style Praised Buyer Sex Life Doll Review

    Works great, the size and weight are just right for me! It's very smooth to play, it gives me a strong sense of reality, and I can exercise myself! Very beautiful, very similar to real people, I also like the figure, the price is very high, not only cheaper than the previous  sex doll  but also better than the previous ones, the body details are very beautiful, the human body structure is in place, the legs, feet, and waist can swing, this one Various angles are available. Really satisfied, the price of such a product is very reasonable and worth it!

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:04:01 by Carlos Billy

  • Natasha European and American Style Honored Client Sex Real Doll Ratings

    The  sex doll  has three-dimensional facial features, fine details, and delicate joints. It feels very real, like a real person, and I like it very much. Really great value for money. Express logistics is also fast. The packaging is very good, the carton is very strong, and the delivery is confidential. You can’t see what it is on the outside. I chose a face shape I like, which is basically the same as the picture sent. The price is perfect.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:03:58 by Adam Wayne

  • 156cm(5ft1) Sanvi European and American Style Execution Client Lifelike Doll Ratings

    The  sex doll  is very beautiful, you can choose the shape of the face and chest, the skin is soft, and it has the elasticity and toughness of a real person when you press it with your hands. The material has no peculiar smell. When I got the product, I washed it with warm water and some shower gel. After washing, it was fragrant and comfortable to use. pretty good! The express delivery is awesome, the picture is exactly the same as the doll, and the doll's face is very beautiful and exquisite, it will make you want to look at it because it has a skeleton and joints, and the posture can be adjusted, it is very easy to use.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:03:55 by Cooper Shawn

  • 160cm(5ft3) Samara European and American Style Snazzy Buttocks Customer Real Lifelike Doll Reviews

    I bought this  sex doll  to relieve stress. I have never used such a good thing. The material is very thick and soft, and it feels very comfortable to the touch. It is elastic. It is a good choice and has solved many of my problems. It is better than going out to play. Much better, clean, and hygienic. Very realistic! You get what you pay for, the packaging is very safe, very tight and careful, the doll's facial features are very delicate, the body proportion is also very good, it feels very comfortable to the touch, and it feels very real.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:03:52 by Ayden Alan

  • 167cm(5ft5) Raisa European and American Style Praise Client Sex Real Doll Ratings

    I have received the goods, and I have been paying attention to the physical  sex doll  for a long time. I customized a stand, and it can be used as decoration. First of all, it is a bit heavy but acceptable. This is what I expected. After all, it is a physical doll. It is impossible to have no weight, if there is no weight, it is not real, so this problem only depends on how you look at it, and secondly, the feeling of use is really good, it is almost like a real person when used, and the baby face is also very beautiful, so this is A satisfactory product and shopping experience, I will continue to pay attention to new ones on the website.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:03:50 by Cole Victor

  • 158cm(5ft2) Olya European and American Style Capturing Buyer Big Chest Sex Doll Review

    Whether  sex doll  is used as a decoration or as a decompressor, the doll is the preferred product. I have used it countless times since I received the goods. The experience is very good. The material is quite soft. Cleaning is a patient's job. Fortunately, the doll I bought is not too heavy, it was not so difficult in handling, looking forward to new products.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:03:47 by Tristan Carlos

  • 160cm(5ft3) Sabina European and American Style Handsome Consumer Real Life Doll Comment

    The  sex doll  has good proportions, beautiful and beautiful, looks very stylish from the side, like a real beauty, and is satisfied, the body still has a skeleton, you can swing it in any position you want, and there is a little packaging smell when you receive it, I opened it to ventilate The taste is completely gone in a few days, the real product is consistent with the picture, and the service is good. It is pleasing to the eye, beautiful dolls are exciting to look at, the face is beautiful, the eyes are also beautiful, even more, beautiful than the pictures shown on the Internet, and this is more suitable than going out to play, the key is safety.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:03:45 by Blake Craig

  • 158cm(5ft2) Rada European and American Style Shapely Consumer Sex Doll Comment

    I bought it for the first time, and I was worried that it would not be good to receive the baby. After receiving the  sex doll , I exceeded my expectations. The makeup is exquisite and beautiful, and the details and materials are very good. I like it very much. It has lived up to my expectations. It’s a bit heavy, but it’s also a manual job. It’s acceptable. It’s worth buying and recommending. The logistics are fast, the packaging is fine, and the privacy protection is exactly the same as the description. You can buy with confidence.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:03:42 by Bryan Russell

  • Rozaliya European and American Style Grace Client Real Love Doll Ratings

    The  sex doll  is very beautiful, and the feel and color are similar to real people, but it is a bit expensive to lubricate, and the delivery speed is confidential. When the box is opened, there is a little packaging smell, which disappears after a while. It should be the reason for the sealed transportation. , acceptable. The workmanship of the doll is exquisite, worthy of the price.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:03:40 by Jaden Todd

  • 158cm(5ft2) Olien European and American Style Stylish Client Lifelike Doll Ratings

    There is no problem, the  sex doll  is good and can solve physiological problems, there is no peculiar smell, and the touch feels like real skin. I am quite satisfied. I like the color and the design of the outside. I am a little shy to buy this kind of thing. There is no peculiar smell at all. The skin color is very fair, and the chest is very soft like a real person's.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 06:03:38 by Ian Eugene

  • Bianca European and American Style Abundant Client Lifelike Doll Ratings

    . Both the appearance and the shape are superior, real enough, and not too oily. The channel folds are very grainy and the suction is tight. And the packaging is very strict, it is shipped confidentially. The experience is very good, and it can be compared with real people!

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 05:30:10 by Nike

  • (4ft10) Ninotchka European and American Style Noticeable Buyer Real Sex Doll Review

     is completely designed to imitate a woman! It can reach its peak soon when used with lubricating oil. This jelly chest is also worthy of praise, it is really fun.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 05:30:09 by Nathaniel Aaron

  • 158cm(5ft2) Eliana European and American Style Excessive Customer Real Lifelike Doll Reviews

    , and this face shape also has that kind of two-dimensional feeling, I also bought some clothes for her, Really good.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 05:30:07 by Caden Philip

  • 158cm(5ft2) Tessa European and American Style Passionate Consumer Real Life Doll Comment

     is the same as the picture, it looks fleshy and plump, and it feels super comfortable to play with. Wearing sexy uniforms and stockings, it looks very attractive, and the packaging is very safe to avoid the embarrassment of signing for express delivery! This store was recommended by a friend. Their dolls are cost-effective and of good quality! Recommended!

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 05:30:05 by Brady Sean

  • 158cm(5ft2) Alondra European and American Style Excitement Buyer Real Sex Doll Review

     at such an affordable price. The gifts are very rich, enough for me to use them for a long time. To be honest, it works really well. It feels like skin, very real, and when you use it, hehe, you can understand everything. It feels a bit similar to a real person, and it is as easy to use as a real person, practical and convenient.

    Date Added: 2023-01-06 05:30:04 by Dominic Clarence

  • 156cm Emily Linda Asian Style Calm Customer Sex Love Doll Ratings

     is still good in simulation, and it is recommended for novices! The material is soft and the entrance channel simulation feels very strong. There are obvious grain wrinkles inside. Generally, I personally like to heat it up, which is very close to the feeling of real people. This shopping is a good experience, it is the first time to buy an expensive one, it is worth it. I bought too many cheap things before, and lost them all. I spent money to buy fun and experience!

    Date Added: 2022-12-24 03:15:52 by Landon Harold

  • Larisa European and American Style Effervescent Buyer Big Chest Sex Doll Comment

    . The authenticity is well done, there is a pretty problem in the middle, the after-sales service is also very timely, and the customer service is very patient! Fast delivery, and well packaged. The quality of the product feels good, and the feel is indeed soft enough, not as hard as they say. I feel almost like a real person. very useful. Will come again next time.

    Date Added: 2022-12-24 03:15:49 by Hunter Albert

  • 166cm(5ft5) Mikhailevna European and American Style Pleasing Curves Client Real Love Doll Reviews

     is really easy to use, and it feels good in hand, workmanship and convenience. Consistent with the introduction, there is no color difference! It is genuine and works well! The material is very good, the size is just right, the inner channel has a strong sense of wrapping, and the suction is also very good. There are also many ways to play when experiencing the product. Now I don’t have a girlfriend, so I will use this to exercise for the time being! It's really worth playing every day. Played a few times and paid back.

    Date Added: 2022-12-24 03:15:45 by Julian Willie

  • 150cm(4ft11) Hu Tao Asian Style Supremely Good Buyer Real Sex Doll Ratings

    . Great satisfaction. The operation is relatively simple, and the service attitude is very good. good results. The quality is very good. The quality is very good, and the price is also very high. It's easy to get started, and it's not as complicated as I thought. It is indeed easier to use than my previous one, and this one is very exciting.

    Date Added: 2022-12-24 03:07:39 by Wyatt Ralph

  • Matrona European and American Style Outstanding Customer Real Doll Comment

     is not used at ordinary times. The quality is good and worth the price.

    Date Added: 2022-12-24 03:07:36 by Jason Samuel

  • 153cm Rebecca European and American Style Debonair Buyer Sex Life Doll Reviews

     I received is very good, it is the same as the picture, it is really beautiful, the skin color is quite straight, the standing function is customized, it feels very useful, and it is much more convenient to clean. Very real, soft to the touch, almost like a real person, very satisfied, this love doll brand is trustworthy.

    Date Added: 2022-12-24 03:07:34 by Lucas Henry

  • 158cm Morgan Asian Style Genial Client Sex Real Doll Comment

     has a good proportion, the legs are very slender, the body feels good, and the weight is just right. The joints are also very smooth, and the swing is effortless. Overall score out of 10! Lots of gifts were given!

    Date Added: 2022-12-24 03:07:31 by Justin Douglas

  • 163cm(5ft4) Lena European and American Style Inspirational Consumer Sex Doll Reviews

     looks very tall. The joints are more flexible than I imagined, just like people, and can perform various actions. Personally, I feel that it is much better than the masturbation cup. This is more clean and hygienic. Hope long-term use can achieve the effect of exercise!

    Date Added: 2022-12-24 03:07:28 by Austin Jonathan

  • 159cm(5ft3) Assos European and American Style Cranky Customer Real Lifelike Doll Reviews

     received is the same as that introduced by the customer service. The weight is just right, and the skin color is also very positive and fair. The product quality is very good, the hand feeling is very soft, and the simulation degree is good. There are many gifts. It is also very convenient to use at ordinary times, and you can play whenever you want. Lonely friends can stock up on one.

    Date Added: 2022-12-24 03:07:26 by Thomas Juan

  • 163cm(5ft4) Martha European and American Style Divine Buyer Sex Life Doll Reviews

     very much. It’s quite light and durable. It’s more interesting to buy more clothes and match it. The experience is very good, and it can be compared with real people! Listening to the recommendation of the customer service lady, the custom-made stand is correct, it is very convenient to carry and clean! The quality is good, imported materials, almost no oil, flexible skeleton, good experience, worth buying again!

    Date Added: 2022-12-24 03:07:24 by Owen Gerald

  • 159cm(5ft3) Eudora European and American Style Confidence Client Sex Real Doll Comment

    . It would be even more perfect if the toes also had joints. In fact, it does not affect the use without it, mainly because I am a perfectionist.

    Date Added: 2022-12-24 03:07:21 by Connor Terry