Big Belly 160CM Adam Harrington Sex Doll Customer's Reviews


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First of all, it looks like a picture. Good material, just read how to take care of TPE. Second, it is very heavy. I like my mother’s jokes. On the one hand, this makes it difficult to move. On the other hand, it feels very realistic. Personally, I will not use this doll for "private" activities. Properly cleaned logistics will be a nightmare. As a hug partner, go. Anyway, this sex doll is all I need. It's cautious and it's ten times what you think. I like this sex doll.

Date Added: 2019-08-10 02:07:09 by Michell

You can do anything with her. Don't just pick her up with her arms or legs, try to spread her center of gravity and weight, because grabbing an area for lifting can cause the skin to tear the metal skeleton.