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153CM Big Breasts Thick Lips Sophia Lily TPE Adult Sex Doll


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Their transportation is fast, everything is listed in the box, this doll is completely no problem. The staff will contact me quickly (by email) and confirm all specifications. The quality is very good. thank you.

Sophia Lily Silver Long Hair Big Breasts 153CM Thick Lips Sex Doll's Reviews

Date Added: 2019-08-01 22:36:10 by Scott

Don't just pick her up with the arms or legs of a TPE sex doll, try to spread her center of gravity and weight, because grabbing an area for lifting can cause the skin to tear the metal skeleton.

Date Added: 2019-03-27 03:39:49 by Roy Hoyle

Thank you for your quick response. This is a very realistic doll. Shipping and delivery are discrete and accelerated. I would recommend all the adults in the sex dolls market to buy sexy true dolls.

Date Added: 2019-03-27 03:37:19 by Malcolm Lucia

My girl is coming soon, and she is surrounded by bubbles. The box is very solid. My only complaint is that my apartment number is not on the box. I almost missed the deliveryman.