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Sex dolls are better than my low-profile girlfriend! Great, I bought a complete doll now. Ok, I have been using this model for a few months. The standby state is very good. It looks very real. Touch is better than using it. The heart is real - sometimes better than the real. Although the rinse itself is quite fragile, it is relatively easy to clean with the rinse fluid that comes with it. After several uses, he was as beautiful as when he first came, and I was not too worried. After repeated use and cleaning, no skin defects were found in the sex doll.

Date Added: 2019-08-19 11:56:09 by Solomon

The doll's body is very slender and thin, which really makes it lighter, easier to move around, the doll's face is very young, maybe a bit of a fact, this photo is too young, so the photos posted are accurate .