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A Pigment Used Especially for Silicone Sex doll



Has anyone tried this, using what kind of material coloring silicone adhesive. Mixed with sex doll skin tone, any type of paint, powder, or just not possible. In order to use a lot of pigments for cosmetics/makeup, there may be a lot of pigments that can be used, but this is at one's own risk. Some colored materials may be toxic, irritating, or inhibit the curing process, and this is not usually tested. In any case, first you need to test and try some samples to ensure the results. There are also paints for silicone dolls, and flesh can be a useful starting point.

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To make up the sex doll, I used blush powder bought at a local pharmacy to mix the water. I just scratched the paper plate, added a crystal bottle and mixed it up. Just a little powder is needed to get a "white" colored silicone repair. If it needs to be darker, they can add more powder, a little at a time. I added a little bit of cotol 240 to speed up the treatment. I use this mixture to fix the finger poke on RD2. This is my first attempt to fix anything with a silicone doll.

2019-08-24 03:54:58

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