Upturned Hip 161CM Gilbert Wat Sex Doll Customer's Reviews


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In short, I am really happy, if you want a doll, you will not be disappointed with urdolls. Something you should know..., as I said, she is heavy, so it takes a little time for her to move..., the fingers and toes are very delicate because they are just thin TPE, so you need to be careful, the dolls stay at room temperature, if you don't have baby powder, they will make them feel a bit damp cold..., the joints are very stiff but they will relax after you move them for a while . I am very happy to buy this sex doll. I will not hesitate to recommend to people around me.

Date Added: 2019-08-10 02:26:43 by Lennon

In general, very heavy, stiff dolls. But very realistic. My only complaint is that the wig attached to it is very difficult to finalize. They are sending me a second wig and a pair of eyes for free. Not sure if it is the same quality. Come to a cautious box very well!