Tutor 168CM Odelette Becky Sex Doll Customer's Reviews


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She looks very real, her characteristics are very good, the breasts are firm, the cute little ass, in detail, you know. This is made from these materials - corn starch is your best friend. Forget talcum powder. After washing, the skin is a bit hard to touch, spread corn starch, and the skin is soft. If you are not sure about managing a full-size 168cm doll, one of them is highly recommended. The face is so cute, the real eyelashes are made up of eyeliners. The sex doll has a threaded post on the head if you want to mate with the torso.

Date Added: 2019-08-24 01:48:17 by Bishop

I like this thing, it's very lifelike, I mean you won't regret it... Especially when your girlfriend is angry with you. Fingers/toes are wires and therefore prone to distortion, and the head tends to move from the set position. What I'm saying is that the days of people being crazy about sex are over, but not showing the world what they want. But I have.