Silver Short Hair 118CM Muriel Flower Sex Doll Customer's Reviews


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Anyway, this sex doll is all I need. It's cautious and it's ten times what you think. All joints loosen over time and become very easy to move around. It is heavy, but it is understandable. Now for meat and potatoes, it does feel like sexual intercourse. Don't get me wrong, my sex life is very active, but I am a soldier, and I often move around. Maybe this mistake is crazy, or that is the time of the month (at least I am not cheating). I will definitely do business anyway. They are very professional and really help you get the sex doll you need.

Date Added: 2019-08-10 02:05:42 by Colin Wodehous

This is the first life doll I got, it is an elaborate work. She is heavier (about 82 pounds) than some other dolls listed near this height, which is better and more realistic in my opinion. As long as you accept her correctly and support her weight.