Gray Hair 163CM Selena Lucia Sex Doll Customer's Reviews


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This is a satisfying shopping. After the purchase, I was notified by the company to be careful about the joints on the back of the doll. If pushed too far, it may break. Because I realized this, I didn't have any problems. I really appreciate the company's honesty in this regard. As I said, the money you pay is a good product. This is exactly what I want. You deserve to have this sex doll.

Date Added: 2019-08-06 06:11:10 by Bill Piers

In and out of the bathtub can be cleaned, in and out of the bed, and so on. Even moving her a few inches can be a chore because the skin sticks and drags. You will crush a lot of her, otherwise the skin will become very sticky. This may be a chore because you need to move her and she doesn't cooperate at all.