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Do You Know The Tutorial for Japanese Sex Doll Damage



My previous experience was to stick the wings of a fairy on a Japanese sex doll. Miniature model and wood shop. Somehow, I suspect that these pieces can be held together until the glue solidifies. So if I understand everyone is correct: or other mentioned sealants will work, but leave scars (understandable). Sorry for the abyss, unable to resist the pun on a great product. The repair kit has a skin tone match. As much as possible between different sex doll manufacturers. Or I can mix makeup with silicone or a step sealant.

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Everyone agrees that this damage can be repaired. If done right, repairing Japanese sex doll will continue. Even if it caused a kind of damage to the lifeguard mentioned above, it seems that someone tried to "make a wish" with her legs instead of the wishing fork. Next question: Any specific cosmetics? Apply "naked minerals" to the sealant to add color and hide the shine? Mix it together? Different brands of cosmetics? For damage, if you can lose your arm if you lose it, how can I keep the surface together. Sealing time, hold them by hand, remove the thread. Is there a tutorial for this kind of sex doll damage? Thanks again.

2019-09-21 02:29:02

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