Shawl Long Hair 153CM Sherry Dodd Sex Doll Customer's Reviews


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It really looks great when it arrives - it looks a lot like pictures. I was pleasantly surprised to find them polite and responsive customer service. I have not waited for more than a day to answer questions, they have never been rude. They even helped me solve the storage problem I encountered. This is something they are not obligated to do. This is a very good business, customer care. As other comments have said, sex doll are a bit heavy. But once you exercise storage and your mobile method. And the way to take care of it.

Date Added: 2019-08-06 06:08:53 by Page Motley

Some people may like this sex doll, which may be part of your ritual. Her hole is lower than a real girl, and considering the size of the back, some behaviors are difficult to perform with her.