Don't Remember The Sex Dolls Owned By Different Members



Even old members do not remember the names of all members. I don't remember the sex dolls owned by different members. Sometimes you know, sometimes you hesitate, sometimes you forget. That's why I have an idea, but I don't know if it is possible. It would be great to be able to show the number and brand of dolls we have under the avatar picture; even better. There are few pictures of dolls to show the possibility of doll collection. What do you think about it.

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I think if people want to. They can drop how many sex doll they have (if any). And what brand they list. This can be done on the signature line at the bottom. IMHO, one of the problems is that when members put pictures of their dolls in the gallery, they didn't attach a title. I think members should be strongly encouraged to do so. It only takes five seconds to upload each photo. Another thing that is strongly encouraged is to use its name in threads posted by the owner.

2020-01-12 21:21:38

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