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How to wear a wig for a sex doll?

urdolls 03/28/2019

Every day, more and more men and women around the world are taking the first step towards owning sex dolls. A marriage without economic power will only cause you to get into big trouble. The real doll is not only a traditional inflatable doll. It is laborious, usually even hand-made, and has a very skin-like material.

High-quality synthetic wig, especially suitable for love dolls sold by true love dolls. Here will show you that there are 3 ways to attach a wig to a TPE sex doll:

1. Directly distribute the fake on the head. - This is the ideal way to make your sex doll look glamorous and attractive. This approach seems obvious, and the standard wigs attached to each doll fit the size of the doll's head and should remain securely connected during most activities. Wigs purchased with sex dolls are tailor-made to fit the doll perfectly; for most activities, the wig should remain intact. The advantage of this method is its simplest and most convenient method.

2. Use a wig cap and hair clip.
For this method, you need to buy the appropriate wig cap and hair clip from the store. To use this method, first place the wig cap on the head of the sex doll. Next, put the wig on the head of the sex doll at the top of the wig cap. Finally, use a hair clip to secure the wig to the wig cap around the edge. The four hair clips should be tricks, one on the front, the back and the side above each ear. Two on both sides of the head.

3. Use wig cap + velcro - The last method works fine, and the wig can be removed faster because it is easier to separate the velcro and then pull out multiple hairpins. It's basically the same as the previous method, but you can buy a velcro square with adhesive on both sides instead of a hair clip. Then place one side of the velcro on the wig and the other side on the inside of the wig. When you wear a wig, the velcro squares will align, stick and keep the wig securely attached. If you like to change the wig of a regular doll often, this is a good way. You can quickly delete and replace each wig.

Therefore, I saw three most suitable methods to firmly put the wig on the head of the sex doll. Here are some things to pay attention to when wearing a wig. Avoid using adhesives and glue as they are difficult to remove and can damage the doll's scalp and skin. Avoid tight-fitting elastic bands and straps, as they leave a permanent mark on the soft skin of the TPE doll if left for long periods of time. Avoid using dark wig caps because they leave stains on the skin of authentic dolls, especially solid color fake dolls.

It is easy to buy a sex doll wig with a height of 140cm~165cm. Real wigs can wear sex dolls. Many Cosplay wigs are cheap and beautiful. They are easy to buy on the internet. These wigs are good for sex dolls. The small doll with a height of 100~130cm is small. It may be more suitable for a child's wig. This is hard to buy. Other mini dolls such as 80cm and 65cm require a special sex doll wig. For example: wigs used by BJD three pointers.

Diversity is the spice of life, as is the case with wigs for sex dolls. You will use your life-size sex doll many times, but for a while you may get tired of seeing her in the same wig, the same hairstyle, or even the same vagina. You will want to change the look of a sex doll. So, here we present a complete guide on sex doll wigs that will help you choose the right wig for your doll, as well as cleaning, brushing and safety accessories.

The use of doll wigs, you can give your love doll a new look and hairstyle according to your choice. The classic elegant look will benefit from a longer style, easy to brush and wear, or style up, down, pigtails and more. Short hair wigs will give your doll a younger look and they are easier to stay tangled. I hope these methods can help you solve the problem. Please feel free to contact us.