Popular And Developing Japanese Sex Dolls

Japan is a place where sex dolls are popular and developed. Japan has one of the most beautiful women in the world. Their beauty stems not only from appearance, but also from virtue. They are respected, shy, and the perfect embodiment of women. Owning a doll is not easy or cheap-without knowing how to choose and care for a doll, the new owner puts himself at risk of damage and fraud. But sadly, they are also almost impossible, because sex is a very taboo topic in Japan, and Japanese women often wait until their 30s to start any relationship with men. This is where Japanese sex dolls are needed. This is very positive for the industry, as eliminating the stigma surrounding sex dolls and increasing public acceptance of sex doll ownership is critical. urdolls is proud to be one of the leading Japanese sex doll retailers in the United States.

Real Sex Dolls Announcement


How To Get Free Soft Boobs?


2020-05-12 06:28:43

Event Name: Buy Doll4ever brand dolls and get extra soft chest Activity time: 2020.05.12 - 2020.05.31 Activities: From May 12, 2020 to May 31, 2020. Purchase any Doll4ever brand doll in the urdolls store. You can get another soft chest. Event goods: Doll4ever brand dolls In The Urdolls Store Doll4e ...

White Day Deals Extra 12% Off All Sex Dolls Items


2020-03-04 05:14:55

Event Name: White Day Deals Activity time: 2020.03.04 - 2020.03.14 Coupon Code: DA12 Discount: Additional 12% OFF Preferential Range: All Items In The Urdolls Store Participation methods: 1. Select your favorite sex doll in the urdolls store. 2. Add the doll to the shopping cart and click to use t ...

The Difference Between Real Sex Doll's EVO Skeleton And Ordinary Skeleton


2020-01-09 06:56:04

In the process of purchasing sex dolls, we may see that some sex dolls' skeletons are EVO skeletons. So what's the difference between the sex doll EVO skeleton and ordinary skeleton? We will give you a detailed explanation here. Currently, sex dolls with EVO skeleton and common skeleton options are ...
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Provide a large number of authentic sex dolls and high quality

Like Rumi said, you are not a drop of water in the ocean. You are a drop of ocean. All male and female energy is already in you. The outside is just a mirror image that helps you draw the inside content.  male sex doll  are an excellent catalyst for innovation. This feminine form will ins ...

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sexy ass curves
What are the standing feet of a sex doll?

Most TPE  mini sex doll  have an option called "standing feet". It adds 3 screws, which extend from the pedal to the sole of the foot. Screws are easy to spot and are considered to be hard spots, so the weight of standing will not squeeze, cut or damage delicate skin. However, because the ...

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sex dolls chicago
Some thoughts before buying the first doll

Home shooting is great, you might end up making one yourself...get your clothes and accessories ready! "...I bought this doll for one purpose, but only for one purpose. I am not interested in posing, photography or hairstyle." These are some of my thoughts before I bought the first doll. After I op ...

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Please consider the weight of the doll before buying

The high prices obtained from reputable dealers mean that you will get an after-sales warranty, and a genuine doll with proper care and maintenance will last for many years. That imitation doll may save you up-front preparation, but if it breaks or collapses after a few months or even a few weeks, ...

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really big round tits
Before purchasing my first sex doll

5 things I wish I knew...before purchasing my first  mini sex doll . Research, research, research! If it sounds too good to be true, it may be! Imagine that the daily sleepwalking doll that you have been dreaming about for a month has just appeared on a strange new website. These photos look g ...

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use sex dolls
Use sex dolls for sex training

This article will focus on how we men use  silicone sex doll  to "train" the bed better. Most of the content in this article will be devoted to increasing endurance. Whether you have severe premature ejaculation or just want to better control your orgasm, we will introduce it below. Anoth ...

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how do sex dolls work
How do you dress up your sex doll?

Due to different versions, the size may be changed to XS. Sex dolls with a height of 100cm~140cm can be suitable for children's clothing. The size of children is usually divided into children (100~110cm), middle-aged children (110~130cm), older children (130~150cm), etc. They are all exquisite and ...

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storage method of sex dolls
How to hide sex dolls?

The storage method of sex dolls is a frequently asked question. Due to the family or living environment, many people need hidden  silicone sex doll . Tell you very directly. If you buy a sex doll, it is necessary to go home. It is very difficult to hide, you must carefully evaluate and think t ...

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Heating the sex doll may start to melt

If you need to clean the outside, just wash the  silicone sex doll l with water and soap. Wipe until dry, do not use a hair dryer, because if the doll is heated above 40ºC, it may start to melt. Then apply some baby powder on her skin, it will absorb the remaining moisture and improve the tou ...

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K-League Team Seoul Put Sex Dolls on Seats Across Stadium
Seoul Football Club uses sex dolls that look like real humans

We have confirmed that the mannequin is real, but it has nothing to do with adult products. But the problem is that we failed to conduct a detailed inspection, which is undoubtedly our fault. The apology made shocked fans desperate. One fan wrote that they were “obviously” sex dolls, undermining ...

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Sex Toys Sex Dolls That Many Men Dream Of
Silicone sex doll is used to meet the need for lack of sexual behavior

Silicone dolls are sex toys that many men dream of. Indeed, it is very different from other sex toys and love dolls, because it is getting closer to reality. Indeed, these realistic silicone  sex doll  look like two drops of water. Just like a real woman, they can take different poses an ...

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Become The TPE Sex Doll We Understand Today
Communicated by violating sex doll mannequins

But when it comes to the beginning of modernity dolls, we should start with the mannequins of surrealist artists Man Ray and Salvador Dali. Among them, Dali has a work called "Taxi on a Rainy Day" which appeared in a surrealist exhibition held in the Paris Art Gallery in 1938. In the work, half-na ...

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The Former Thought That The Sent TPE Sex Doll Had Thick Hair
More than just Japanese sex doll facial details

The meaning of the inflatable dolls of sailors may be very simple and rude, saying that they are substitutes for women, rather than substitutes for their sexual organs. But in fact, there are men who make  sex doll  for a specific woman. The Austro-Hungarian artist Oskar Kokoschaka asked ...

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Can Explain Why Most Japanese Sex Dolls
Orgasm through vagina sex doll

This leads to two similar questions, "Why aren't more women using sex dolls?" And "Why are so many men addicted to it?" "Some answers to this question are very practical. For example, only 25% of women can get orgasm through the vagina (this is one of the most fundamental reasons). And women gener ...

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Ushered In Their Huge Turn Sex Doll
Does not represent women using TPE sex doll

And just in the late 1990s,  sex doll  ushered in their huge turn. All thanks to the artist. Throughout history, from Pygmalion and his marble bride to Oscar Koksika and his plush lover, we will find that most of the manufacturers and users of these inflatable dolls are Straight man. In ...

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No Objection To The True Use Of These Japanese Sex Dolls
Someone uses these sex dolls to act as real people

A 61-year-old small business owner from California who is one of the few female members. Barbara recalled that she heard about the doll for the first time in a news article. In the news, someone used these  sex doll  to act as real people, so that they could get on the fast track. Later, ...

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Do These Dolls Replace Real Women?
After he had sex with the company's sex doll

From the beginning, those dolls have not really met the sexual needs of men. The company's performance skyrocketed after Howard Stern streamed his sex with the company's  sex doll  on his radio show. Today, 200 to 300 high-end customized sex dolls are sold to the world every year. But m ...

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Owner Cancels Lease on Japanese Sex Dolls
Create a behavior like a Japanese sex doll

He also mentioned that sometimes men's wives were waiting for their husbands. Women know what happened behind the door, but they are neither serious nor cheating. Since then, although the owner has cancelled the lease of Japanese sex dolls, the dolls have not caught up with the huge recycling factor ...

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Japan Has Been Leading The Japanese Sex Doll Industry
Brothels in countries all over the world Japanese sex dolls

Sex doll brothels may actually be good for Toronto. When you announced last month that Toronto would get a "North American first-person Japanese sex doll brothel," you could almost feel the shorts on the entire GTA. Another time, they asked Henry what happened that day. He replied, "I go shopping on ...

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I Will Introduce Japanese sex dolls Into My Life
One of the leading Japanese sex doll retailers

According to the report, urdolls is one of the leading Japanese sex dolls retailers in the United States, dedicated to creating incredibly detailed products to meet the maximum needs of customers. The 36-year-old man of the operating doll company even made a replica of a famous porn star. The border ...

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