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Fat Hip Big Breasts Chasel Edison 163CM Long Legs Sex Doll


Product Detail

I bought a little doll on this website last year and the quality is very good. I came back and bought a big doll and tried it. It did not disappoint me. Everything is in the box, perfect.

163CM Fat Hip Big Breasts Blue Eyes TPE Sex Doll Chasel Edison Reviews

Date Added: 2019-08-01 08:09:55 by Haley Monroe

I also ordered some other clothing (all clothing is very small, the measurement results of the sex doll are listed in the manual). Her breasts are large and lively, but the overall bust of the size of the clothes can be used for the tops.

Date Added: 2019-03-21 09:30:25 by Aldrich Christian

This doll is very beautiful, I have no regrets to buy this doll. But I feel that I am a little addicted. I am at least hitting her every day. The most days there were 8 times. It was the first day she came to my bedroom.

Date Added: 2019-03-21 09:30:05 by Brady Tuttle

In fact, her big breasts and elastic buttocks feel better. I bought this sex doll and I am very happy to get it. When delivered, it was exactly the same as I expected. The three holes feel amazing and the breasts are very interesting. This is a great product for anyone interested in buying a couple's doll.