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Guns Can Be Used to Create Character for TPE Sex Doll



I create character for my doll. So it's not surprising that they reflect me and my interests in some way. Proven to have weapons as government agents or soldiers, two occupations, guns are standard tools. Her evil twin is also armed with a pistol, but she is not a good person. Guns are the stuff of stories, but not the core of them. There's never been a problem in our family. We are also told that guns are not problem solvers, they are hunting tools. There's nothing better than discipline and unwavering fear of sex dolls. I will never be allowed to have my own.

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I understand that guns can bring personality to your TPE sex doll. But the statistics you cite can trigger suicides. Exclude these deaths, and the Numbers are closer to homes without guns. Accidental shootings are rare, but making sure everyone on each end of the spectrum publishes national news gives a factual impression. Sadly, no matter who you are, you are more likely to be shot by the police or killed by a doctor's mistake. Unless someone in the house is unstable, responsible gun ownership beats guard dogs, burglar alarms and police almost every time. With kids, I really don't want a gun in the house.

2019-08-21 09:02:54

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