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I am trying to determine how much damage I can fix. How much damage is more worthwhile than repairing a Japanese sex doll. Too bad, extreme repair? I saw ads on the sales forums offering cheap sales because they needed repairs, most of them were just finger pokes, but the limbs fell. To clarify, once I spend time and energy re-installing my limbs, it will stay for a year or two or re-attach and start tearing again almost immediately. I think I can handle the cost of getting the repair kit and the time of repair. But only I have to do it once and regularly decorate the doll.

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I have seen the "repair" repair line and the "broken knee" repair line. Whether the repair tools sold by a company are suitable for all Japanese sex doll. For me, it would not be worthwhile if the limbs would never move again without the risk of tearing more than an inch each time. Or, for example, is there an incompatibility between tin curing and platinum-cured silicon or the “hard” and “soft” body options offered by several manufacturers? But there is no "body detachment" or "breast detachment" or "the ankle has been torn to the navel" to repair. I realize that these repairs may be rare. But if anyone guesses how you can carry out a sex doll overhaul. Or how long it will last, I will be very grateful.

2019-09-19 05:56:36

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