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Sex dolls are people we know? I do not think so. It will make me feel creepy. Sex dolls are more like an illusion for me, so I will dream of being a person I don't know. This will not have baggage from the past. I entered the mini doll when I was looking for a mannequin to do photography work. Initially, I had hoped to make some photos that I could sell to photo agencies for advertising, calendars, greeting cards, and more. This seems unlikely as time goes by, but I still don't want a face that is too difficult to recognize. When I was in the army, I learned some hard lessons about life. One of the lessons is that people will always enter your life. Sex dolls will always walk out of your life.

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No photo, painting, sculpture, mini sex doll or other image will replace a friend or relative. Even if it is possible to put every thought of a person. Feeling, habits and personalities are injected into a robot, and you will still know in your heart that creation is nothing more than a copy of the original. They either move on or move on. If this movement is not outside the city, abroad, or completely leaving the planet, it is not that important. In fact, you will never see each other again. Think about all the people you know in high school or college, and the people you never see again. As I mentioned before, I don't want a face that is too easy to recognize. Even if I didn't get any compensation for using someone's face. The person may not like how I use sex dolls.

2019-09-19 04:46:24

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