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I Made A Dog Style with A Sex Doll



I think that because female sex dolls have both anus and vaginal opening. So there is a conflict in space. Although the male body has nothing and it is just an anus, the male doll may not tear and may be more durable because it has more internal and external details. That is what I think. I used to be and only once. This is my first time with a sex doll. We made a dog style and I was not familiar with her anatomy in the dark. I must admit that it is very good, but when I turn on the lights. I'm sure I just ruined my doll because I was a member of another doll forum and made me paranoid about TPE molds. Clean her up with the included light bulb, wipe her dry, we never said it again. I did a lot, the secret of TPE sex dolls is definitely because of the application of lubricants until you think you have used enough and then use more. My girl and I like it, but you can't lick it on the oil.

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I have silicone and TPE sex doll. Silicones are less elastic and, therefore, their bastards tend to sway. That is, it must be a way of usability. It is also more suitable for cleaning because the air space allows for better drying. The TPE doll has a much smaller hole, but it stretches very well and feels great. However, cleaning is much more difficult. I have tried two. Both work well. Anyone who tears these holes is either too big for the opening, too rough for the doll, or not using enough lubricant. The latter is usually a direct cause, or at least a contributing factor. Neither material can withstand a lot of friction, and if it gets dry, it will allow you to add more lubricant or bear the consequences. As mentioned, the silicone doll does have a balloon butt plug. However, waiting for one is an astronomical number. This does help aesthetics, but gender must be removed. TPE sex dolls are about a quarter of the price, and their bastard is just an opening. I agree that sex dolls look more realistic, but it is it, you get what you pay for.

2019-07-02 03:55:21

Part of the problem for doll owners is that they see these artworks as sex dolls, and they believe that everyone else has the same idea. Some people who have been to my living room don't know that I even have real sex dolls. They may be curious about them, but I never heard negative comments about them being there.

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