I Suggest You Use A Mini Sex Doll Pink Areola Color



It seems that you have actually read my mini sex doll post. Now I have completed half of the tasks in the past and have made custom makeup according to the specifications. My advice is to look at a lot of porn until you find your favorite nipples and labia. Send these photos to them and tell them that this is what you want. Have you chosen skin tone? If you are using a Caucasian tone, I suggest you use a pink areola color, while a Hispanic or Asian person is more brown. The color of the labia is a personal preference. Again, the best way is to find a photo of your favorite sex doll and then go there.

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If you choose a mini sex doll, I suggest you have a little more pink areola color. Hispanic or Asian people will be browner. Have you chosen skin tone? When my wife is around, I will ask her questions about color, and after that, I really don't have anyone else to ask, so you have been very helpful. I think you have experience using the first character doll? I have a sex doll bought on the website. I asked for the first attempt at ebony skin color, but the effect was much lighter. The areola and nipple are dark brown. I also got a pair of creamy breast shapes with a pink areola. Very easy to use, their turnover is very fast. As mentioned earlier, materials become very vulnerable as they age. They used to emit a lot of oil, which would leave stains on the sheets and clothes. Of course, that was a few years ago, and I can't represent the materials he currently uses. I just want to remind you. I hope you can find the sex doll you like. Feel free to post a picture link and ask a sex doll question. We are here to help you.

2019-09-24 04:29:29

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