Sex Dolls Provide A Very Realistic Experience

urdolls 07/22/2019

Sexual dolls lead to a very realistic experience of sexual relations with virgins, allowing for very popular sexual fantasies. In the end, other people are obsessed with the emotional relationship with dolls or human figures, and they don't always want their dolls to be surreal. This technical name is the love of the statue.

Carrying and storing heavy sex doll can be very difficult. Please note that pick and move dolls may feel more like dragging a 60 to 100 pound dumbbell instead of a person. When carried, humans naturally re-adjust themselves to distribute their weight more evenly (and reduce their "self-weight" load).

Of course, dolls can't do this. If you choose silicone or TPE dolls, be prepared to kneel down. Dolls made from fabrics, vinyl and PU foams are usually much lighter than silicone and TPE; they typically weigh between 10 and 20 pounds.

But the best part. Having this doll at home gave me confidence. When I was dating, I knew I would get any way. This makes me less aggressive about sex, which in turn makes women crazy. The more I perform, the more I don't want them, the more they want me.

I found a strange combination of success. I explained sexuality to them, but then avoided sex. Before I knew it, they were begging for it. The doll gives me the confidence not to treat every date, just as it may be the last time of my life. Dolls are loved by some as partners and by others as sex toys.

I have found that sometimes something must come out, even if it is not the ideal time to share it with new people in your life. For example, I have a moderate Asperger case, which is a surprise for those who meet with me personally, because it is not really reflected in my behavior.