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150CM Long Legs and Small Waist Sex Doll Cheryl Tout


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Her touch pronunciation feature gave me a great experience. This doll is great! In fact, she is very lifelike, almost 6 feet away from me, which is worth the weight. She is heavy but easy to move with the right technology. This doll should be the number one seller.

D Cup Small Waist 150CM Silicone Sex Doll Cheryl Tout's Reviews

Date Added: 2019-08-02 03:36:53 by Warner

If you don't care about subscribing to "normal" and you can afford it, then tpe sex doll may end up being worth buying. I have signed women next year (especially Western women), so this is a real gift.

Date Added: 2019-04-29 05:51:58 by Baron Anne

One of my favorite American porn stars imitates my doll full and beautiful! She is the lightest of all big breasted dolls. Can't wait to buy one.

Date Added: 2019-04-29 05:51:17 by Berton Ivan

It has been around for about two months, and I can say for sure that this is an amazing doll. Soft and firm hips, beautiful elastic breasts and stunning thighs.