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Big Ass 163CM Novia Hill Sex Doll Customer's Reviews


Product Detail

As others have said, the weight of a sex doll (106 pounds) is a habit, but it is not a vandal. She is lasting. Once you master it, her limbs are easy to move, but stay where you want. Her out-of-the-box skin has a greasy feel, but the soft texture is absolutely like skin. Once she is cleaned and pulverized, its skin feels really amazing. I also did not notice any strange chemical smell on her body. I am preparing for my next sex doll.

Date Added: 2019-08-24 02:36:47 by Rod Roland

Most retailers have a turnaround time of 4-6 weeks. But it only took her two weeks to get to my house. Packaging is discrete and properly handled by them. The only downside here is that you don't have much customization for certain features, but I'm sure sellers will be able to accommodate certain preferences if you post comments to them. Realistic dolls look so sexy and real that when you're ready to explore boring sex, you'll feel like you're in bed with your real female partner.