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Leopard Underwear Tthick Lips Olivia Gresham Blond Hair Big Eyes 148cm TPE Adult Sex Doll


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Product Informations

Olivia Gresham's background story

"To deal with leopards, I have a special set of methods and techniques. Since I started this job, I have worked with many leopards, no matter how fierce they were before other trainers. They are gentle cats here. Listen to my password to complete the action. Of course, I didn't treat them as animals, but as my friends, family. There are no leopards that I can't tame. Not to mention men," Olivia Say. She works at the circus. She is a professional leopard trainer. She is currently unable to tame leopards. In the daytime. She likes to tame wild leopards during the day and tame strong people at night. She has been in contact with the leopard for a long time. She is also wild like a leopard. She always likes to wear sexy leopard underwear at home. Plump lips are big and wet. She eagerly kissed her mouth and gradually moved down. Neck, chest and abdomen. Finally, reach the lower body and stay there for a long time. You can't wait to tear open the clothes on her...

This is a very safe sex doll. The skin is made of TPE material. It is close to human skin. It will not cause any harm to you. It has a height of 148 cm and a weight of 29 kg. She is very light. You can move her anywhere to fight (the sofa is her favorite place.) Her bust is 79 cm. The waist circumference is 51 cm. The hip circumference is 74 cm. The depth of the vagina is 18 cm. The anus depth is 13 cm. The mouth is 14.8 cm deep. You can use this part of the mouth, genitals, anus. Can be used for oral sex, cumshot, anal and breast.

When you take her home, you will feel happy. You can vent your pain and loneliness. When you attack from behind, she will be happy, your violent blow, deep tremor will make her tremble, which will certainly make you more excited and happy. 

Product features:

1.She is a cheetah trainer, wild like a leopard.

2.Her skin is very close to the human skin and will not cause any harm to you.

3.She has wet lips, plump breasts and elastic buttocks.

4.Her skin is made of TPE material and contains a metal skeleton inside to complete a variety of postures.

Olivia Gresham's packing list:

1* sex doll
1* wig
1 set of sexy underwear
(Sexy underwear may be different from the picture, all the items in the picture are for shooting purposes)

Technical Specifications

Parameter Name Parameter Details
Height: 58 inches(148cm)
Weight: 64 lbs(29kg)
Bust: 31 inches(79cm)
Waist: 20 inches(51cm)
Hips: 29 inches(74cm)
Vagina: 7.1 inches(18cm)
Anus: 5.2 inches(13cm)
Mouth: 5.9 inches(14.8cm)
Arm length: 14.2 inches(36cm)
Foot length: 9.1 inches(23cm)