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Hello, first of all, this is not a grand slam for any company. This is just my choice, I will choose who will produce my wife Annamay for the sex doll company. Now I have a mannequin for about $100.00. As a newcomer to this world, you have already helped a lot. The first company I came across in the world of silicone dolls was the real doll website. Through YouTube and ongoing research, I found the urdolls website after watching the doll man documentary. I also found the blog shouting echoes. After emailing them, he took me to other doll making websites. I further discovered the cute dolls and other characteristic items here, and finally found out. After 3 months of research and the idea of ​​ordering two mini sex dolls by email.

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This is a good choice!! ” For me, it’s easier to choose a mini sex doll because I don’t need a lot of choices. It’s a bit “what kind of face do I want to see next to me in the next decade? "I hope that you can realize your dreams in the future! Your T-shirt is completely misleading. You are everything you see - real works of art and the highest-level sculptures. Those who think that you are some people will be idiots and prejudice." Blind. The research work there is doing very well! I wish you good luck in the budget. It will get a good return at the time. And you are correct for the doll improvement in the next few years, who knows what will happen There may be another sex doll company by then.

2019-09-16 07:23:03

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