Need Some Advice on The Edge of Buying A Japanese Sex Doll



Hello everyone, I am a newcomer to this sex doll website and a newcomer to this culture, but I learned very quickly. There are some suggestions for buying the edge of the doll. I saw the doll and hoped that the doll was purely a sex toy and it needed to be a performance. Understanding tearing can be a problem, I am a bigger guy who really wants my doll's verbal function. I am thinking about Japanese sex dolls. Any comments would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Look at the Japanese sex doll on the website. They are so realistic, the silicone is very soft and I don't have the problem of tearing. Compared to most other dolls, the Presley model I have is very light, but they do have Brazilian models, which are their biggest dolls. The heads are easy to replace and their heads are only used for the mouth. Check out their link pages with other manufacturers. If you live anywhere near the doll manufacturer, you should go see the sex dolls yourself. It will surprise you and help determine the options you really want.

2019-09-12 05:41:20

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