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Redrawing The Nipple Area of A Sex Doll



I need to redraw the nipple area of the sex doll and the whole area starts to peel off. Someone can provide a neat solution. I was only interested in painting or restoring the original factory work in some way, not casting etc. I tried to search BBS but the site's search engine was seriously inadequate to find information in less than a thousand years. I found a lot of things I didn't need. Searching for the most recent sex doll information is fine. But it's pretty useless for specific information, and it doesn't bring all kinds of irrelevant information.

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The most appropriate approach is to get some silicone paint and tone and then repaint the nipple area of the sex doll. That said, silicon paint isn't cheap, and it's considered dangerous. That means it's not cheap. The next best thing is, if you have some two-part silicone and some tone, mix a small batch and apply it. It flows a little bit, it smooths itself out. And then there's another way. Maybe more work, but effective. Mix with regular cosmetics to get the color you want. Carefully apply the sex doll gently with a small brush, as smooth as possible. If you take the time, the results will be good.

2019-08-23 04:14:47

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