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Small Breasts 145CM Roberta Bulwer Sex Doll Customer's Reviews


Product Detail

This sex doll is a goalkeeper, I like her background story, value for money. Her skin feels great and beautiful. She may be a little bigger and her face will look more mature. All in all, she is easy to use and is stored with care. Would recommend it to anyone. The price is again amazing quality. She has a good body and a refined face, and the head of the doll is beautiful and delicate; the sex doll has a good body and is as big as the description.

Date Added: 2019-08-23 23:40:55 by Jesse Cook

They don't really retain weight and are prone to deformation when they sometimes move their bodies into horribly contorted positions. But it's easy to fix. The toes have no support and float freely. So far looks like a great company, great price, very beautiful.