Blond Hair 148CM Olivia Gresham Sex Doll Customer's Reviews


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This is a real doll! , not fake! I remember the day when I took the doll home and opened the package. The weight of the rear end area is very heavy. The best things about dolls are the head and face. The skin is very soft. I can't stop her. She is better than her wife. She keeps a secret between us. It is easy to put her together. The company got her together and did a good job. I will buy another sex doll from this doll company again. I just want the doll company to make sex doll with curves and thick legs.

Date Added: 2019-08-09 23:27:07 by Webb

Doll: Beautiful. It comes with some very useful additions. The doll is not as soft as it is in the photo. More sports construction. But it is well made and lifelike. Please note that the doll is heavy.