Are You Upset About The Sex Doll Industry?

urdolls 07/16/2019

As everyone knows, breaking up is incredible. Whether you are staying together for five months or 50 years, the pain can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. A person is very aware of the terrible feelings associated with heartbreak, and he has proposed a workable solution for his problem. That is the sex doll.

The unknown man is looking for someone to make him a sex doll that looks like her, rather than doing what most people do, and finding a way to move on from his ex-wife. The popular sex robot was built by the silicone sex doll company, a derivative from the California Love Doll Company. Sex Doll Robots are powered by artificial intelligence applications, and sex robot connoisseurs install the app on their smartphones.

Writing to the luxury online market, this man explained his rather strange situation. He revealed that he had been married to his wife for 35 years. One day, she told him that she no longer loved him and left.

However, it seems that this scene is too much for some viewers. People are shocked, confused and concerned about the picture. Many people go directly to Twitter to express their feelings about the matter: "It has a little weight, so trying to move it is a bit difficult."

Anyone who is uncomfortable with the sex doll industry may want to remember the 35-year-old who is the owner of a sex doll shop and intends to take over the market. She told the camera: "My business will change everyone's perception of the sex industry.

The "My and My Sex Dolls" broadcast on TV is the first episode in the new "Sex Business" series - a three-part documentary that explores areas where the sex industry is less traditional. However, some viewers were shocked by what they saw.

"I think it's going to be normal, just like putting a vibrator in your house." It has a virtual version of a sex robot you can talk to - you can choose to customize her personality. This artificial intelligence application allows sex dolls to talk and interact with their owners.