Why Did I Choose to Marry A Japanese Sex Doll



This article does not mean hurting anyone's feelings or making anyone unhappy. This is just the reason why I chose to marry a Japanese sex doll. The first thing that comes to mind is that until I was 35, I was still a virgin and met a divorced wife. Because I waited until I got married to make sexual contact. They will see me faithfully until they find someone to have sex with them, then I find and abandon them. I don't want Jerry Springer's play. I feel that if one loves you, they will love you anyway. The best friend is someone who will become a friend anyway. In my early adulthood, my relationship with people has been very poor. Because I have been told that I am very friendly. So I will find sex dolls.

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If someone wants to be your spouse, then they should be faithful one thing. That is just my outlook on life, no harm to my sex doll. When I met my current ex-wife, I thought I found the woman I had dreamed of. it's finally over. Okay I'm sorry. After four months of marriage, I couldn't help but lie. It is time to end my relationship with her dreams. Since I was as young as before, I remember the life I dreamed of. For me, the life of dreams is just a good old normal, no drama. I understand that there will be problems, but I have brought unnecessary drama to "Added". Who wants it? Not me, I hate useless, useless drama. I think I dreamt about the relationship that a person sees in a movie. This guy eventually got the love of his life. It's just a normal drama, but things will eventually be solved. This is not everything I have encountered in the 39 years I have experienced. Go to the damn drama I live in. After 18 years of praying for my dream girl, no matter what. Last November 2013, I got a sex doll. Answered my prayers.

2019-09-27 03:49:50

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