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You Can Redo The Make-up of The Sex Doll



The factory gives sex dolls a tendency to fade over time. You can redo makeup but eventually fade. In most cases, you can use an oily makeup remover to remove makeup, or someone can try baby oil. I have had a positive and negative experience on TPE dolls. Recently I tried to make the sex doll a nipple with some waterproof eye makeup, I messed up, now I can't delete it. At a given time, it will disappear and it will always disappear.

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I and several other TPE sex doll owners have pierced the nipples, navel, ears and other parts of the doll. Be careful, tear off the earrings and the ears will be badly damaged. I try to use the clip as much as possible. Also effective, but will fade/peel in time and may be faster than silicone. I am really happy to hear the punching work. You should do a tutorial about that sex doll. The only cosmetic I want is nail polish, and I occasionally change the lip color of a sex doll. I might skip this last, unless I find a good temperature that I must have.

2019-07-29 05:04:16

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